Want to become a Canopy Piloting Judge?

Our sport is not all secret handshakes and high-fives in the airplane, it has a competitive side too!
The free fall disciplines are normally scored by judges sitting in front of a monitor, using video from the jump, but in Canopy Piloting judging for the most part happens live, on the ground, scored by a team of judges. The number of judges needed on the course varies a little bit from one event to another, but it certainly takes a team to get a swoop meet scored quickly and accurately.

JoJo B has served as a Chief Judge at many swoop meets in the recent years, putting in untold hours in and around the pond. She is organizing several courses over the coming season, anyone interested in getting their Regional CP Judge Rating should attend. Courses will be held at each FLCPA meet and the first NECPL as well. According to JoJo, CP Judges get the best seats in the house, and if you are interested in competing – there isn’t a better way to learn all the rules than to be a judge.

Judging is a fantastic way to be a part of the Canopy Piloting community if you are either not yet at competition level or don’t want to actually compete. You get detailed knowledge of all of the rules and get front row seats for some of the most amazing scenes you can see in skydiving. Plus you get to meet some amazing characters along the way. No experience is necessary either in judging or in swooping. You don’t even need to be a skydiver to judge. If you’re interested in exploring another aspect of skydiving, learning more about canopy piloting, or just meeting some really cool people, come out and judge!


The course is FREE – you just have to put in a little bit of work to enjoy the rating.  For more information or to secure your seat at one of the courses, email Jo at jo@flight-1.com.  Dates and locations:
FLCPA #1 Skydive City Z-Hills February 21-22 
FLCPA #2 Skydive City Z-Hills March 14-15
FLCPA #3 Raeford Parachute Center May 16-17
FLCPA #4 Raeford Parachute Center June 12-13
NECPL #1 Crosskeys NJ July 11-12

BSBD Andrei Ryndin – Russian CP Team

BSBDcrop smCanopy pilot Andrei Ryndin, a member of the Russian Canopy Piloting team died Thursday July 24th, during a competition  jump at the Russian Canopy Piloting Championships in Aerograd Kolomna, Russia.  It was his 3rd jump of the day.
Andrei was an active and current skydiver. He was reported to be flying a Performance Designs Peregrine, a canopy made especially for competitive canopy pilots.

Canopy Piloting is an unforgiving sport where mistakes can result in serious injury or death.

Our sympathies to Andrei’s family and friends.

News Reports: Itar-Tass.com (English)

Project Orange: Lord of the Strings intel

During our daily recon mission around DeLand, we came across a bit of Project Orange information to share with you. You have no doubt seen advertising for the event, but up until now, details have been a bit scarce. That is all about to change – with some freshly snatched intel straight from the desk of event organizer Albert Berchtold.  Someone really should tell him that “Buddy” is not a very secure password.

First, to bring you up to speed on what they have already shared:

Lord of the Strings is an elimination style competition, offering up $5,000 in prizes for hungry swoopers. There will be no tallying of scores – during each round you either win or lose. Competitors go head to head against each other, until there is only one still standing.
Draw for brackets will take place at Skydive City each night,  at the bar. After Joe Can’tMakeTheGates finds out he’ll be going head to head with Curt Bartholomew, Joe Gates  can get some liquid courage right there.  Watching the draw will likely be as fun as watching the competition itself.
Scores will be updated live, from the pond. Come competition time, you can watch the action on the internet.

The events may have names that sound pretty standard to experienced canopy pilots (speed, distance and zone accuracy, but from what we saw, they are anything but. Check back tomorrow (or maybe this afternoon) for more details.


Sun Path PK Open: Special Delivery

It’s not quite October yet, but we can detect a little crisp in the air and the daily high is no longer 98 F. At least not all the time.
So that must mean it’s getting closer to the Sun Path PK Open!
We’ve already talked about the pond and a bit about the organizing team, and a whole lot more information has been shared on the event Facebook page.

There will be a mix of traditional CP events (distance, speed and zone accuracy), but the organizers will also throw in some special events.
Below is a diagram of the zone accuracy course that will be used. For clarification purposes, we should mention that the blue part of the diagram represents the pond, and everything else is on dry land.


In early September 31 competitors had registered, featuring many of the top pilots from around the world:

1. Curt Bartholomew Team Alter Ego -USA
2. Tommy Dellibac Performance Designs Factory Team -USA
3. Billy Sharman Fazza Sky -UAE
4. Nicholas Batsch Team Alter Ego -USA
5. Ian Bobo Performance Designs Factory Team -USA
6. Greg Windmiller USAPT/SPP -USA
7. Cornelia Mihai Fazza Sky -UAE
8. Scott Harper AO/Adrenaline Obsession -USA
9. Ian Drennan Performance Designs Factory Team -USA
10. Patrick Kaye Fazza Sky -UAE
11. Peter Piotrowski -USA
12. Jessica Edgington Performance Designs Factory Team -USA
13. Johan Karlsson JPEG -SWE
14. Gage Galle Performance Designs Factory Team -USA
15. Erwin Tank Baatenburg de Jong JPEG -NL
16. Justin Judd ISM/Adrenaline Obsession -USA
17. Paul Rodriguez ISM/Adrenaline Obsession -USA
18. Sven Jseppi Skydive OBX -CAN
19. Rodney McCrory -IRE
20. David Billings Mile High Skydiving -USA
21. Ben Crooch -USA
22. Shane Schaffer FLUID WINGS 
23. Joe Ablen USAPT -USA
24. David Hawley AO/Adrenaline Obsession -USA
25. John Nolan CPTS -USA
26. Jeannie Bartholomew Team Alter Ego -USA
27. Art Schaffer Skydive Palatka -USA
28. Scott Kasmar South Carolina Skydiving -USA
29. Robbie Hill Level Zero Heroes -USA
30. Steven Singletary CPTS -USA
31. John Hawke CPTS -USA
32. Richard Servantes Mile High Skydiving -USA


Registration is available through the Sun Path store.

Sun Path PK Canopy Piloting Open: Part 2, The Players!

We left off last time, yearning for more, having read a little bit about the pond at Raeford Parachute Center. It has been getting nipped and tucked all year in order to look it’s best come October.  If you need a refresher, you can go back and read that post again. (Make sure to read the insightful comments below the post as well)
It takes more than a gorgeous pond to host a swoop meet. A metric ton of organization and planning is required to ensure everything goes off as smoothly as possible, and in this case a dream team has been assembled to take care of making it happen.

Photo by K Kassen

Photo by K Kassen

Director of Awesomeness (and the meet) is John Nolan.  John is an accomplished canopy pilot and knows well what a competitors like to see at a meet. John’s mission is to make sure this meet will be fun and challenging for the competitors,  offering more than the standard events in a predictable order. We will have that scoop for you later.  In addition, good chunks of prize money will be doled out along with early registration incentives.

Photo by K Kassen

Photo by K Kassen

Esteemed Director of Competition is Golden Knight Greg Windmiller.  Windmiller is an experienced competitor and tireless in his efforts giving back to the sport of Canopy Piloting. Greg knows his way around a pond from both above and below, and has been spotted setting up courses wearing nothing but ARMY issued short-shorts. The fact that this meet is being held in October will likely result in a few more articles of clothing, with the pond and its surroundings getting at least a PG-13 rating.


Photo by Cheryl Brown

Honorable Chief Judge Jolene Brzezinski (perhaps better known as JoJo B) is known for her compassionate demeanor when comforting a competitor that has just realized he (or she) missed the gates by about 3 zip codes.  Jo has been judging since 2010 and started her stint with the Florida Canopy Piloting Association. She went on to earn her National and FAI rating in CP judging. Jo served as Technical Director at the 2013 USPA CP Nationals and as a result can set up courses in her sleep. When not huddled over score sheets, JoJo can be spotted at first light in a 38 degree swoop pond wrestling course markers.

In addition to those 3 key players, a host of volunteers and helpers will be on hand to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

Paraclete XP (located a stones throw from the dropzone) has graciously agreed to donate a sizable chunk of tunnel time, or 1 hr, 30 minutes and 15 minutes to 1st, 2nd, 3rd (respectively) in the following categories:

    • Overall  (all competitors will be ranked in Open)
    • Stock Canopies (non Peregrine/Petra)
    • Advanced/Amateur (FLCPA/CRCPL guidelines)

That is 5 hours of tunnel time up for grabs, IN ADDITION to the prize purse.  Competitors dragging their feet in registering (no points for that!) might want to get in gear to be eligible for additional 3 hours of time, that will be shared between judges and those competitors that register prior to September 1st, 2013.
Prize purse currently totals $8,000 (not counting registration money going towards prizes).  Event registration is $420, which includes all competition jumps and re-jumps.

If would like to keep up on the latest news, make sure to check out the event page on Facebook. Online registration for competitors is open via Sun Path. Click here to register.


Registration is open