Vigil Service Bulletin PSB 01-2015: Cutters Inspection

Nw Vigil

Nw VigilAdvanced Aerospace Designs, manufacturer of the Vigil AAD unit, has released a new service bulletin. This affects cutters manufactured between March 2015 and July 2015.

This service bulletin comes about due to a report of a severed closing loop. Inspection determined that a rough edge inside a cutter abraded the loop, causing it to fail.

The status of this bulletin is mandatory. Affected cutters must be returned to Advanced Aerospace Designs or Vigil America for inspection. Following inspection, cutters will be replaced or returned to each skydiver with an identifying blue paint dot placed on top of the cutter, indicating that it has passed inspection.

  • For equipment with cutter located ABOVE the pilot chute, inspection must be completed PRIOR TO THE NEXT JUMP.
  • For equipment with cutters not located above the pilot chute, inspection must be completed AT NEXT RESERVE REPACK.

For a complete list of serial numbers and instructions, read or download the entire bulletin: Vigil PSB 01-2015. The bulletin contains a link to form on the Vigil website, that the owners of affected units can use to begin inspection proceedings.


UPT Service Bulletin 2015-01: Spectra Reserve Ripcord


UPT has issued a service bulletin for rigs equipped with a Spectra Reserve Ripcord manufactured during 2014 and early 2015. Please view the bulletin attached below for information of lot numbers affected and detailed procedures for interim solutions for owners of affected rigs, until a new ripcord can be obtained.

UPT has released a video demonstrating the lubricating procedure outlined in the service bulletin, to ensure the reserve ripcord glides smoothly. This procedure should be performed before the next jump and monthly thereafter until a replacement ripcord has been installed. This can be done by the rig owner or a rigger.  The reserve does not need to be opened.


MarS AAD – Service Bulletin

MarS A.S. – the manufacturer of the M2 AAD has issued a mandatory service bulletin. Affected units must be returned to the manufacturer for repairs (or replacement).  Problems are linked to a faulty sensor.

If you have one, make sure to check your serial number against the list as soon as possible. Troubled serial numbers are as follows:

    • SN: 001330 – 001379;
    • SN: 001384 – 001446
    • SN: 001556 – 001727 

According to the bulletin, MarS will cover manufacturer’s inspection, repair or replacement, and return shipping to the user/owner.

View or download here: SB_MarS_10112013



Velocity Sports Equipment releases a service bulletin for the Infinity Rig

Long and short: all risers need to be inspected before next jump by a master rigger (or foreign equivalent).

The Service Bulletin illustrates what constitutes normal wear and what is considered damage.  For any risers/rigs showing damage, the rig must be repaired prior to jumping and customer should contact Velocity Sports Equipment for further instructions.

Click here to view or download Service Bulletin, VSESB001

Download the bulletin from the Velocity Sports Equipment website.

Vigil issues 2 service bulletins: PSB-9 and PSB-10

vigil-logoAdvanced Aerospace Designs – A.A.D. – makers of the Vigil automatic opener have released 2 new service bulletins:

PSB-9: Waterproof Inspection
Mandatory: has to do with the waterproofing of the unit. If a Vigil II Multimode (Civilan model) S/N 8021 or higher (DOM of 05 2007 or later) has been in contact or immersed in fluids, it must be returned to Vigil A.A.D. for an inspection before next jump.
Please note that Vigils that have not been in contact with water are not of concern – the Vigil II is waterproof and this bulletin a precautionary measure in case moisture penetrates the seal of the unit. 

Read the entire bulletin here: PSB 9 – 2013-06-14

PSB-10: 14 Hour Automatic Shutdown
Advisory (not mandatory): intended for jumpers using a Vigil AAD II Multimode (Civilian Model) S/N 26172 or higher (DOM of 12 2011 or later). 

Read the entire bulletin here: PSB 10 – 2013-06-14

Customers can contact A.A.D (Brussels, Belgium) or Vigil America (DeLand, Florida) for further information and instructions for those units that need to be sent in. You can obtain contact information from the Vigil website.