We told you that Alastair Macartney was planning to BASE jump into the TEDxTC talks and … he did it!

We won’t take full credit for the audience giggle at 5:50 but hey that’s us!

Well done, Alastair, we can’t wait to see the next adventure our Chief Mischief Maker gets into ;)

Liberty Memorial BASE Jump


image001-1Alastair Macartney of jump4heros is a well-known BASE jumper and canopy pilot, as well as an officer in the British Army.  As this post is penned, Alastair is huddled in a hotel room somewhere in Kansas City with a bunch of nylon and lines strewn all over the hotel room floor, meticulously working his way through a BASE packjob.

Come morning, Alastair plans to unfold the poppy logoed Troll 265 by stepping off the 217 foot Liberty Memorial at the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, KS. The jump is intended to raise awareness for the members of Armed Forces, past and present. To read more about the background of this jump which is performed in conjunction with Alastair’s upcoming talk at TEDxKC, check out his blog.

Teaming up with TEDxKC and the National World War I Museum, he will perform this never before attempted feat using a canopy emblazoned with a Poppy logo — the famous symbol from the Great War. On Tuesday evening he will talk about his experiences at TEDxKC; this year’s program theme is Defy Impossible. Very fitting.


And now that all the stars did align and weather cooperated, we are happy to confirm that the jump took place.  On live TV to boost. You can watch the news video via Fox News 4 in Kansas City.   If you are keen to catch a glimpse of Alastair’s last TED talk, click here: I Believe I Can Fly.

Behind the Scenes – the making of “Mission to the Eiger”

Last week the Jump4Heroes guys invited us to follow them off the Eiger – literally.  And like good little lemmings, we went. It’s a beautiful video with stunning visuals, so if you haven’t seen it yet, go ahead and watch.  We’ll wait.

This week, they bring us “the making of” of that video, showing you a little bit what goes into making a video like that. Turns out to be a bit more than just 3 cute Brits showing up at the edge of a cliff and jumping off.  The video is about 16 minutes long, so make sure to stock up on coffee, grab some snacks, put your feet up and get comfy before you hit play. Full screen recommended.

Jump4Heroes Eiger Wingsuit Formation BASE Jump. Yeah.

Here is a striking Wingsuit Base Video to send you in to the weekend, compliments of our Jump4Heroes friends. Enjoy!

Mission To The Eiger

We’ve serialised the story in the last 3 magazines and now, finally, we get to see the result. This video shows Jump4Heroes, The Royal British Legion Extreme Human Flight Team, standing on the edge of the north face of the Eiger. The Afghanistan veterans bow their heads in silence, remembering all servicemen past and present, before leaping off. The trio, consisting of Alastair Macartney, Spencer Hogg and Deane ‘Smudge’ Smith have smoke trailing as they fly their wingsuits in formation.

This is definitely one of those videos worth checking out and one that you’ll want to watch again a few times over the weekend. With aerial footage from BASE jumping legend Chris “Douggs” McDougall this will NOT disappoint. And, it’s all done to raise awareness for charity.

Check it out and don’t forget to Like the Jump4Heroes Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.