Infinity Rigs: Alternate Bridle Routing


Kelly Farrington from Velocity Sports Equipment, makers of the Infinity rigs, posted up a note on in response to the discussion about alternative closing methods.  He kindly gave us permission to share that note here.

infinity3dlogoLGSince we’ve gotten multiple emails about this topic today, I’ll throw my response out here for any curious Infinity owners. 
While it is OK to route the bridle from the bottom of an Infinity container, one should be careful to ONLY route the bridle under the #2 flap, and OVER the #1 flap. Tucking the bridle under the #1 flap could lower the security of the main pin cover flap and introduce premature wear.

What interests me is that until about 6 years ago, I had never heard of this malfunction happening. I believe it has become more prominent due to skydivers wanting every part of their gear “tight and tidy”, including the bridle under the pin cover flap- tucking it in so tight and orienting the pin in such a manner that the bridle can start moving before the pin does, giving the bridle an opportunity to impale itself on the pin. 
Social media is also making it easier for people to share the information, possibly making a mountain out of the proverbial mole hill. I would hope that the free flow of information on the web is the main culprit here and that we’re not actually regressing with our knowledge of knowing how to pack properly

Any routing/stowing of the bridle should be done so that any movement of the pilot chute end of the bridle results in either the pin extracting, or more slack in the bridle between the tip of the pin and where the bridle enters the main container.

There you have it!

For more information, check out links with notes from other harness & container manufacturers:

  • Click here to view alternate closing sequence on the UPT Vector container
  • Click here to view an alternate closing sequence on Rigging Innovation containers.
  • Click here to view the bulletin from Parachute Systems for the Vortex container.


Women of Infinity

Infinity calendar teaser

The gang at Velocity Sports Equipment has taken a quick break from sewing your Infinity together, to put together a tool that will help you keep your boogies and skill camps straight for the next 18 months or so (starting in January 2015 – you are on your own with organization until then).

Proudly presenting: The ‘Women of Infinity’ Calendar:

Infinity calendar teaser

The calendar will be offered up on pre-sale at the Leap for Lupus event, to be held at Kapowsin Airsports, WA August 15-17th, 2014. If you can’t make it there, keep an eye on their website and Facebook page for other ways to purchase the calendar after the pre-sale wraps up.
ALL proceeds from the sale go to Leap for Lupus Foundation.  The calendar features 18 months, meaning there will be 18 different sky-chicks for you to admire!
It’s been one fun project, and the Leap for Lupus charity brings it right to the heart of who we are, as skydivers, and what we mean to each other.  Skydivers supporting skydivers! We thank you for helping us donate to this cause.

Click here for more information about the event. The iFly Undercover Ninjas will be attending, sneakily of course, a Northwest Women’s Record is a possibility, there will be dancing, raffle with some excellent swag (you do not need to be present to win!), so get yourself some tickets to support a most excellent call.


Velocity Sports Equipment is hiring!


227917_10151183182514544_537678446_nSkydivers looking to live the dream out of sunny Bend, Oregon –  heads up!

Velocity Sports Equipment – makers of the Infinity rig (which happens to be the one Felix Baumgartner made his little leap from space using) are looking to hire a new team member.


At Velocity Sports Equipment, we are proud to produce a high quality product with friendly and professional customer service.  We specialize in designing and manufacturing harness & container assemblies and related equipment for the skydiving market.  If you have a background in sales, thrive in a fast-paced environment and share our passion for the sport, this is the place for you!   

As a member of Velocity Sports Equipment’s team, you’ll represent the company and serve as a primary point of contact for our customers, dealers, ambassadors and sponsored athletes. In addition to your primary responsibility of meeting our sales goals, you will also be responsible for advertising, social media, attending events and other sales related functions. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Help develop sales strategy to grow the company
  • Meet sales goals
  • Manage network of dealers, ambassadors, and sponsored athletes
  • Answer phones & provide customer service
  • Process orders, invoices & ship product
  • Manage advertising and social media
  • Attend skydiving events, manage booth & provide customer support



  • 5-7 years of sales experience
  • Rigging experience a plus


  • BA or BS degree, preferably in Sales, Business or Engineering

General Skills: 

  • Personable and effective communicator
  • Self-motivated with effective time management
  • Big picture understanding
  • Accurate and attention to detail
  • Strong understanding of the skydiving industry

Computer skills:

  • Microsoft, Quickbooks, & Facebook a must
  • Adobe Illustrator, Concrete 5, php a plus

Special Requirements: 

  • Must be willing to move to Bend or Sunriver, Oregon.
  • Travel: Approx 10% of time will be travelling, the remainder will be in the office
  • Lift and/or move up to 50 lbs.  

Interested parties can contact Sean ( for more information or to submit a resume.

Velocity Sports Equipment releases a service bulletin for the Infinity Rig

Long and short: all risers need to be inspected before next jump by a master rigger (or foreign equivalent).

The Service Bulletin illustrates what constitutes normal wear and what is considered damage.  For any risers/rigs showing damage, the rig must be repaired prior to jumping and customer should contact Velocity Sports Equipment for further instructions.

Click here to view or download Service Bulletin, VSESB001

Download the bulletin from the Velocity Sports Equipment website.

Velocity Sports Equipment offers black stainless steel

For those of you that have always felt that your shiny stainless steel hardware was just a little *too* blingy, fret not. There is a new option in town that allows you to go all “Men in Black” on your rig, to match your all black jumpsuit, black Vans and black helmet with a tinted lens. Snazzy.

From the press release:

Velocity Sports Equipment offering Black Stainless Steel Hardware on the Infinity Container!

Effective July 2nd, 2012, Velocity Sports Equipment has released black stainless steel hardware. Orders for black-coated cadmium hardware are no longer accepted. The black stainless steel hardware holds up extremely well. All new orders with black stainless steel will receive CWH friction adapters in black stainless as well.
Please note that this is not a free option, the cost is $200.00 on non-articulated containers, $250 on containers with hip articulation, and $300.00 additional on Infinity containers with hip and chest articulation.

Please contact Velocity Sports Equipment with any questions you might have at 253.445.8790 or e-mail Gail Lovelace. If you prefer, you can also send a message via the VSE Facebook page.