Custom Infinity Rig Promotion!

Blue skies ad

If you are in the market for a brand new Infinity rig by Velocity Sportswear Equipment AND you are ready to renew your Blue Skies Mag subscription (or you are about to become a Blue Skies Mag subscriber), you are in mad luck! If you subscribe or renew today or through April 30, 2015, you qualify for $100.00 of the base price of a new, custom Infinity container.

Blue skies ad

If you *just* signed up for a subscription (or renewed), dry your tears, because VSE has graciously allowed us to extend this offer to anyone that signed up in March, 2015 as well. Sweet. We are happy that you are happy.
Now hurry up and get your subscription (or renewal, early renewals welcome!) squared and get that Infinity order in by April 30th, 2015, and you are set!

Fine print: Offer valid March 25, 2015 – April 30, 2015. Certificate issued once subscription is confirmed, please allow 48 business hours for processing. Certificates are non-transferable. Certificate valid on new custom Infinity orders only. Not valid with any other offers or discounts. No cash value. No resale. Void where prohibited. Blue Skies Magazine is not responsible for errors or omissions. WARNING: Use of this coupon may lead to fun.  To find a dealer, visit  

Questions regarding this offer? Contact the good folks at Infinity.
Questions about subscriptions? Email us at Blue Skies Magazine.


Free upgrade to Black Stainless Steel on Infinity Rigs

Black Friday Ad- Blue skies

From Velocity Sports Equipment – a free upgrade from stainless steel to black stainless steel hardware. Fitting for Black Friday, isn’t it!

Black Friday Ad- Blue skies


The offer is valid on new orders only, not valid on previous purchases.  Place your order through your favorite dealer and instruct them to enter BF2014 under “special instructions” on the order form.

Offer expires Dec 8, 2014.


Black Friday Stock ad

If you aren’t in the mood for custom or need something quick – here is a stock deal for you!  Visit the Velocity Sports Equipment Facebook page for details on stock rigs.


Black Friday 2014, Skydiving Edition!


This post is a list of all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals we are aware of in the skydiving world! If you are in a shopping mood, we hope you can find something to your liking. Thanks to all the companies and individuals that came out to play!

Bev Suits: 35% discount on suits AND options!  Click for details. Offer good until December 24th.

ChutingStar Holiday Deals: Lots of offers, too varied to sum up – click for details!

Dropzone Apparel: Discounted t-shirts, ship with a free sticker and pull-up cord. Click for details.

Edge BASE Jump Magazine: Free introductory copy, discount on subscriptions. Good through Cyber Monday. Click for details.

Fluid Wings: Deals on apparel, 10% of the Prime – Black Friday through Cyber Monday. RDS special on Black Friday ONLY. Click for details.

Icarus USA: 15% of mains, 10% of the Nano reserve (first 50 orders) – and free shipping!  Click for details.

Mirage Systems: dealer discount – you’ll have to call your dealer to find out the secret details. Click for a tiny bit more info.

NZ Aerosports: Free SkyArt slider with canopy purchase. Click for details and gorgeous samples. (*speedo* cough, *speedo*)

Opening Shock Aerial Outfitters: 30% off on orders over $30. Click for details. Offer good until December 18th.

Performance Designs: Free Buff with orders over $25, discount on hoodies and sunglasses. Click for details. Limited quantities, good through Cyber Monday.

Velocity Sports Equipment – Infinity Rigs: Free upgrade to BLACK stainless steel if you are ordering custom or deals on stock rigs.  Click for details.

Vertical Suits: 10% discount on all suits. Click for details. Offer good Cyber Monday ONLY.

Vinyl Closing Pin sticker: Personalized with your license number! Offer ONLY good Black Friday. Click for details.

Wicked Wingsuit: 50% of a rental, good Cyber Monday ONLY. Click for details.




Infinity Rigs: Alternate Bridle Routing


Kelly Farrington from Velocity Sports Equipment, makers of the Infinity rigs, posted up a note on in response to the discussion about alternative closing methods.  He kindly gave us permission to share that note here.

infinity3dlogoLGSince we’ve gotten multiple emails about this topic today, I’ll throw my response out here for any curious Infinity owners. 
While it is OK to route the bridle from the bottom of an Infinity container, one should be careful to ONLY route the bridle under the #2 flap, and OVER the #1 flap. Tucking the bridle under the #1 flap could lower the security of the main pin cover flap and introduce premature wear.

What interests me is that until about 6 years ago, I had never heard of this malfunction happening. I believe it has become more prominent due to skydivers wanting every part of their gear “tight and tidy”, including the bridle under the pin cover flap- tucking it in so tight and orienting the pin in such a manner that the bridle can start moving before the pin does, giving the bridle an opportunity to impale itself on the pin. 
Social media is also making it easier for people to share the information, possibly making a mountain out of the proverbial mole hill. I would hope that the free flow of information on the web is the main culprit here and that we’re not actually regressing with our knowledge of knowing how to pack properly

Any routing/stowing of the bridle should be done so that any movement of the pilot chute end of the bridle results in either the pin extracting, or more slack in the bridle between the tip of the pin and where the bridle enters the main container.

There you have it!

For more information, check out links with notes from other harness & container manufacturers:

  • Click here to view alternate closing sequence on the UPT Vector container
  • Click here to view an alternate closing sequence on Rigging Innovation containers.
  • Click here to view the bulletin from Parachute Systems for the Vortex container.