SkyGod yourself. Or your friends.

First off, let’s be clear that there is only one SkyGod, in his SkyGodly lair on that deserted volcanic island.


And now that we got that out-of-the-way, let’s have some fun.  Tell us who the skygod behind the SkyGod is, and if you think you can capture something similar, by all means drop us a line to request a sticker. SkyGod has allocated 50 pieces from his personal collection and they will be mailed to the first 50 that please SkyGod. It will have absolutely nothing to do with the order they come in and everything to do with SkyGod’s mood at the time of reaping.
If you are planning on being at the Everglades boogie this coming weekend, you can likely score one – just come by the Blue Skies Mag booth!

Many thanks to photographer Robert Justin Carmody for the inspiration.

Why Do You Compete?

At Performance Design’s Project Orange event, we asked people why they competed (or not).

Swooping the Hard Rock

Curt Bartholomew

Curt Bartholomew

When you are the World Champion of Canopy Piloting, it goes without saying that you are a bit of a bad-ass under canopy, right?  Check out this video of Curt Bartholomew from Team Alter Ego demonstrating a laid back afternoon by the pool at a nice resort, tropical style.

Then watch it again, and pay special attention to the slow motion stuff from Curt’s view-point….  dang!
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Wings, beaks and feathers: Curt Bartholomew’s got it!

Photo by Laurent-Stephane Montfort

Friends and family of Curt Bartholomew, the current World Champion of Canopy Piloting threw a little surprise celebration for him at the Perfect Spot restaurant at Skydive DeLand last Friday.

The usual suspects were in attendance (someone said free beer!) along with Curt’s family and many visiting jumpers.  Even Channel 9 mainstream media came out and did a little interview with Curt, and naturally were in awe of the dangers of the sport – but quite pleased that wings, beaks and feathers are no longer needed to watch skydiving/parachuting performances.

Just watch the video - it will explain that last sentence ;)



Curt Bartholomew new World Champion of Canopy Piloting

After completing 9 rounds, 3 each in Speed, Distance and Accuracy, Curt Bartholomew of DeLand, Florida (USA) stands victorious! Dramatic statement, yes, but being the world champ is kind of a big deal.  129 competitors registered for competition.

Alter Ego team member Curt flew convincingly through the entire meet, securing Gold medals in both Speed and Accuracy and Bronze in Distance.  Curt’s teammate Nick Batsch (USA) came in second (and set a new Distance World Record) and PD Factory Team member Pablo Hernandez (Spain) in third.

Congrats to all the medalists at the 2012 Mondial in Dubai.