200 Perfect Jumps. One Day.

You guys might remember Kevin Burkart from two years ago, when he put on an event called a 100 Perfect Jumps.  He did this in order to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson’s disease, which his father Gary Burkart suffers from.

This year, Kevin is upping it a bit, and going for 200 jumps in a 24 hr period.  This is taking place at Skydive Twin Cities, in Baldwin, Wi as we speak.  Kevin’s goal is to raise $60,000 – and if you would like to help, you can make donations or buy some swag through their website.

Right now morning fog is keeping them grounded, so everyone please send some fog-lifting-thoughts Kevin’s way, so he can get started.

Best of luck Kevin – we’ll be watching for updates through the day via Twitter (@PerfectJumps)!

Extreme Curry Eating

Jump 4 Heroes

Jump4Heroes are just back from BASE jumping in Switzerland. Supporting The Soldiers’ Charity they did some proximity flying and some extreme curry eating. Similar to the extreme ironing board concept where people take an ironing board to all kind of weird and extreme places, the gauntlet has been laid down for extreme curry eating.  The Charity is looking for people to do better so, if you think you’re up for the challenge, then send them your pictures or video.

See the TV interview below and a short edit of the jumps below that.

200 Perfect Jumps

On June 16, Kevin Burkart will attempt 200 jumps in 24 hours to raise money and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease research. The project is 200 Perfect Jumps and there are three excellent reasons to donate: 1) be a good person, 2) Mirage container and 3) PD canopy.

Mirage Systems is donating a complete container (a $2,800 value!) to be auctioned off. Bidding closes March 31 and proceeds will benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. If you win the auction, you get a 100% free Mirage Systems complete container with 100% options, all for free! Mirage Systems has committed to manufacturing the container within 8 weeks, so you’ll have it in time to jump at the Perfect Jumps event on June 16! Bids should be submitted to kevin@stepstonegroup.com.

In addition, Performance Designs has donated a canopy (excluding cross-braced models) to be raffled off. Kevin is selling 100 $100 “chance tickets.” Contact Kevin, Nick Grillet at PD or possibly someone in your area for one of these coveted tickets.

Good luck Kevin, and the future winners of that rig and canopy!

Mum’s Topless Haiti Skydive!

Mum! Topless! Haiti! Skydive!

Mum! Topless! Haiti! Skydive!

We first learned of Kat Mager’s charity skydive from this headline bait: Mum’s Topless Haiti Skydive! I was very scared to open the link, fearing…well, the worst. But, Kat is super hot and, as it turns out, super sweet. She is trying to raise £2,000 (~ $3,000) for Haiti relief, and if she does, she will indeed skydive topless.

We think it behooves all of our subscribers to support this worthy cause. Donate here and now! And be sure to kick in a little extra so she can afford to hire a videographer. (UK Skydiving videographer, you might find a publication willing to print those photos. We just can’t think of which one that would be twisted)

FAI Ratifies JFTC World Record

The Jump for the Cause 181-way women’s world record has been ratified by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale! Record

Jump for the Cause 2009 | Photo by Willy Boeykens

Jump for the Cause 2009 | Photo by Willy Boeykens

Congratulations, Ziara ABUD (Brazil), Leigh AINSWORTH (New Zealand), Jean AITKEN (Canada), Anastasia AKIMOVA (Russia), Rosa ALVA (USA), Nicole ANGELIDES (USA), Rebecca AUSTIN (UK), Mary BAUER (USA), Marina BERETTA (FAI), Kari BERG (Norway), Tone BERGAN (Norway), Cherie BERKE (USA), Hannah BETTS (UK), Viki BINGHAM (UK), Fiona BIRNIE (UK), Amelia BOBOWSKA (Poland), Jeanine BONVIN (USA), Ulrike BORNGRÄBER (Germany), Martina BRANT (Ireland), Sally BURGESS (USA), Clare BUTCHER (UK), Sarah CANNON (UK), Diane CHAMBERLAIN (USA), Nesta CHAPMAN (Canada), Yong CHISHOLM (Korea), Sarah CHURCHILL (UK), Carolyn CLAY (USA), Barbara CLEINO (USA), Ellen COENRA (Australia), Catherine COON (USA), Kate COOPER-JENSEN (Denmark), Shirley COWCHER (Australia), Leanne CRITCHLEY (Australia), Elizabeth DANBY (UK), Carrie DOLL (USA), Jennifer DOMENICO (USA), Isabelle DREYSSE (France), Ekaterina DUBROVINA (Russia), Susan DUKE (USA), Erika EIDER (Germany), Lara EISENBERG (USA), Veronika EMER (Germany), Helle ERIKSEN (Denmark), Valerie ESTABROOK (USA), Mariya EVTEEVA (Russia), Sharron FIELDING (USA), Deanna FRANK (USA), Debbie FRANZESE (USA), Christine FRIKKEN (USA), Lesley GALE (UK), Nathalie GAUDREAULT (Canada), Gulcin GILBERT (USA), Mariana GOMEZ-NUNEZ (Paraguay), Louise GOWER (UK), Larenda GRAHAM (Canada), Debbie GRANNUM (USA), Ruth GREEN (UK), Andrea GREENING (Canada), Zivile GUDAITYTE (Lithuania), Carla GUEDES SALGADO (Brazil), Thi Bich Van HA (France), Amy HAASS (USA), Nicole HANNAN (Australia), Yukari HASHIMOTO (Japan), Joanne HAWLEY (UK), Claudia HEINEMANN (Germany), Celeste HILL (UK), Christiane HOFFMAN (Germany), Caroline HUGHES (UK), Nataliya ILYUKHINA (Russia), Cornelia IOTTI (Switzerland), Carmen IRENE (USA), Cynthia JARDINE (Canada), Debbie JASEK PARISI (USA), Carolyn JOHNSON (USA), Samantha JOSEPH (USA), Rhonda JOYCE (Canada), Anna KALININA (Russia), Anastasiya KAMBALOVA (Russia), Amanda KARLSSON (UK), Meng-Hua KATS (Chinese Taipei), Angela KATSOULIS (USA), Jaclyn KAYLOR (USA), Ekaterina KHARITONOVA (Russia), Anne KNABE (Switzerland), Bambi KNIGHT (USA), Olga KOSHKINA (Russia), Michelle KOSMER (Australia), Loraine KRAEMER CLARK (USA), Brenda KRAMAR (USA), Virginia KUHLMANN (USA), Liudmyla LAKOVLIEVA (Ukraine), Joanne LAMMENS (Portugal), Nancy LA RIVIERE (USA), Lisa LARKIN (USA), Verena LAUER (Germany), Heather LITTLE (Australia), Kateryna LOGGINOVA (Ukraine), Nadja LONNROTH (Finland), Debbie LOVEGROVE (Canada), Janet LUNDQUIST (USA), Cheryl MARKS (UK), Anne MAXWELL (USA), Elena MAZAEVA (Russia), Cheryl MCCLURE (USA), Andrea MCNEW (USA), Michelle MEAKINS (UK), Patricia MENKE (USA), Susan MESEBERG (USA), Lidiya MISHCHENKO (Russia), Ellen MONSEES (USA), Lise NANSEN (Norway), Julie NICHOL (Australia), Laurel NICHOLS (USA), Vaike OIGLANE (Finland), Molly OSBORNE (USA), Anna PANASSIUK (Russia), Katherine PELLAND (USA), Melanie PESCHIO (USA), Jennifer PIERCE (USA), Zinaida PIROGOVA (Russia), Tatiana POLIANSKAYA (Russia), Tatiana PONKRATIEVA (Russia), Joanna PRICE (UK), Rosalind PULHAM (UK), Laura RAMPINI (Italy), S Hollister RENO (USA), Pamela RIGGS (USA), Cheryl ROBERTSON (Australia), Lynda ROBINSON (USA), Eliana RODRIGUEZ (USA), Gudrun ROKNE (Norway), Audrey ROWE (UK), Helaine RUMANER (USA), Maria RUSSELL (UK), Varvara SADOVNIKOVA (Russia), Erika SAMPAIO (Brazil), Helen SAMUELSSON (Sweden), Mary SANTANGELO (USA), Robin SAUNDERS (Canada), Victoria SCARGILL (UK), Claire SCOTT (UK), Lea Fabiana SERFATY (Venezuela), Mary SERGOTT LEE (USA), Mariya SEROVA (Russia), Eiko SHIMURA (Japan), Irina SINITSINA (Russia), Monica SMINES (Norway), Wendy SMITH (New Zealand), Kristin SOSSO (USA), Kate STEPHENS (UK), Marloes SWARTHOFF (Netherlands), Sue SWEETMAN (USA), Maxine TATE (USA), Valerie THAL-SLOCUM (USA), Sandra THIEDE (USA), Audrey THIES (USA), Lori THOMAS (USA), Jennifer THOMLISON (USA), Paula THUES (USA), Mary TORTOMASI (USA), Rossella TURA (Italy), Ilse UNGEHEUER (Germany), Conny VAN SETTEN (Netherlands), Corrie VEENSTRA (USA), Elena VERTIPRAKHOVA (Russia), Alfia VESELOVA (Russia), Amy VON NOVAK (USA), Elizabeth WAGNER-GANTZER (Germany), Lisa WALKER (USA), Susan WALSH (Ireland), Susan WASSERMANN (USA), Debra WEST (USA), Marie WINTHER (USA), Karen WOOD (USA), Julie WOODROW (UK), Mary WRIGHT (Canada), Jennifer WRYNN (USA), Janna WYNNE (USA), Kristina YOUNG (UK), Elena ZAKHAROVA (Russia)!