Prairie Virgin of the Day: Monday


LP is one of those magical boogies with a larger-than-life,  legen (wait for it) dary reputation.  This week we’ll highlight people who are here for their pre-second time.

Monday’s virgin: Steve Hubbard
Home DZ: Skydive DeLand
What brought you here: Work! (Steve is a rep for Aerodyne).


Aerodyne Price Increase Imminent

Flying AIf you have been thinking about getting yourself (or your favorite Valentine) an Aerodyne canopy, you might save yourself a few $$ by making that call in the next few hours –  a price increase is coming!  From what we can gather the price increase is not huge, but still worth anywhere from a couple to a few jumps out of your favorite plane.

The price increase will be in effect as of Saturday February 16th, 2013 so you have until one minute before midnight tomorrow night to get your order in. Or, to be precise – your dealer does. You should probably allow for a few hours for your favorite dealer to process the order, so best to get that done during normal business hours today or tomorrow.



Holiday Closings

If you are planning on bopping around Florida during your Christmas holidays, and need talk to any of the manufacturers, you might want to take a look at their holiday schedules.  Same thing goes for contact made via phone and/or e-mail, just know what to expect. We will start with a few of our neighbors in DeLand and update this post as we learn more.

Aerodyne Research: Dec 24th 2012 through Jan 1st, 2013
Blue Skies Magazine: Dec 24th 2012 – through Jan 1st, 2013 (although you will find us at Skydive Sebastian for the Invasion from Dec 27th – 30th, woo!)
Icarus USA: Dec 24th 2012 – through Jan 1st 2013
Mirage Systems: Dec 24th 2012 – through Jan 1st 2013
Performance Designs
: Closed Dec 21st 2012 – through Jan 1st 2013
United Parachute Technologies: Dec 20th 2012 – through Jan 1st 2013
Vigil America: Dec 20th 2012 – through Jan 1st 2013

 Let us know if you have questions about anyone else, and we’ll do our best to dig up their holiday schedule!

Please note: this list does assume that the world does not come to an end on the 21st of Dec.