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Moving? Get kicked out of your significant other’s townhouse? Let us know, so we can stop sending your magazines to that soul-less, heartless she-devil.

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Every month we send an email notifying people when the issue has mailed and what’s in it. If you gave us your email address when you signed up, you’re already on the list (and no other list in the entire world, we promise). If you’re not getting the emails, or if you’re not a subscriber yet, you can still sign up to the email list. We also post those here under the category ‘In This Issue‘ if you’d rather not get emails.

Please note that this list has absolutely nothing to do with your printed magazine subscription. Unsubscribing or subscribing to this list will do nothing to get or stop Blue Skies Mag from reaching your mailbox. This is purely an email notification that, if you are a current subscriber, that month’s issue is in the mail to you. If your subscription lapses, we’ll send you an email letting you know that everyone else is getting their magazine, just in case you forget to renew.

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