Blue Skies Mag #50Blue Skies Magazine issue #62, February 2015 | blueskiesmag.comi52: March 2014 | Exit with Skydive Empuriabrava’s Beech 99 during their Christmas Boogie, with Marleen Melissant, Efraim Folgerts, Luis Adolfo Lopez-Mendez, Gregor Van Den Eynden and Jarek Vel Bartek. | blueskiesmag.comBlue Skies Magazine i53: April 2014 | Matt Hill geeking the camera during the 2014 Pachanga Beach Boogie in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, hosted by SkydiveMex. Photo by Norman Kent • | blueskiesmag.comBlue Skies Magazine i54: May 2014 | Yahoo Brother Owen Johnson licking air at Skydive Carolina in Chester, South Carolina. | Photo by Chad Wilcox • | blueskiesmag.comBlue Skies Magazine | i55, June/July 2014: On the cover: A local DeLand jumper tries on our covers for size. Photo by Justin Carmody • | blueskiesmag.comBlue Skies Magazine i56: August 2014 | Justin Russell and Brandon Chouinard doing a sunset freefly “dance off” during The Revolution Boogie held at Skydive Dallas. Photo by Randy Swallows • | blueskiesmag.comBlue Skies Magazine i57: September 2014 | i57: September 2014 | Kjersti Eide, Gridset, Norway. Photo by Marius Back Dahle | blueskiesmag.comBlue Skies Magazine October 2014 coverBlue Skies Magazine November 2014 coverBlue Skies Magazine i60: December 2014 | Steve Curtis cuts away during a GoPro Swoop and Slide project at Skydive Arizona. Photo by Samantha Schwann |

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