i22: July 2011

On the cover

  i22: July 2011 | Wendy Smith hams it up above above Ramblers Drop Zone, Toogoolawah, Australia, during the 2011 SkySisters Boogie. Photo by Norman Kent • www.normankent.com

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July 2011 Issue #22

In this issue

  • 2011 DZ Awards
  • The Summer of Love by Shannon Seyb, NZ Aerosports
  • SkySisters 2011: A Photo Essay by Norman Kent • www.normankent.com
  • Centerfold by Norman Kent
  • SkyGod Paper Doll
  • Big Girls Don’t Cry: Anne Helliwell by Cynthia Lynn Guzman
  • ISM Swoop By Steven Hudoba
  • Skydiving is like dating, kinda. by Sydney Owen
  • The Right Stuff by The Fuckin’ Pilot

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  • Muttley & Me by Melanie Curtis
  • Dear SkyGod
  • Jump a Random Skydiver: Astronaut Fred Leslie

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