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  • Perfect Madness: Escaping The Confines Of Conformity, Making The Impossible Possible And Redefining The Road To Success In Your Life! 25 Nov

    New shop items!

    Seriously talented people write for us and take pictures for us and...
  • PDFT_Raffle_2_0_on_Vimeo 25 Nov

    PD Factory Team 2.0 Raffle...

      Bless their little swooping hearts, the PD Factory Team put together...
  • Photo by Lawrence de Laubadere 21 Nov

    Head-up Record – Day 2:...

    This just in from Lawrence! After two attempts, on the 21st of...
  • Photo by Lawrence de Laubadere 21 Nov

    Sunset Record Attempt

    Yesterday concluded after 5 jumps of intense work and pressure – venturing...
  • listing 20 Nov

    PRO Pass

      Chicagoland Skydiving Center is offering up a PROpass again for 2015...
  • Photo by Lawrence de Laubadere 20 Nov

    Head-Up Record Attempts at Skydive...

    Lawrence de Laubadere is one of the jumpers currently at Skydive Arizona,...