Skydive Cross Keys Poker Run (4-way)

Crystal Sanchez, Matt Zwicker, Mel Curtis

$30 per person plus the price of jumps
$25 per jump

The CK Poker Run is a 4-way competition where each team (ideally consisting of 2 belly flyers, 2 freeflyers and a videographer) attempts 5 pre-determined skydives, scores points, and the 3 highest scoring teams are awarded gold, silver and bronze skydiving medals in an award ceremony at the end. The Poker Run element of the day involves teams nominating ONE member to play a hand of Poker in front of a crowd with the cards their team has collected throughout the day. There is a $300+ cash pot for the winning hand, comical emcee-ing, and hazing rituals involving of tequila. Basically, Shenanigans ensue! Melanie Curtis will be coaching all teams on the ground for tips and tricks to best execute the exits and dives and of course to answer any questions. (So you’ll learn some stuff too – take advantage of the coaching!)

You are encouraged to put together teams mixed with newbies and experienced flyers because the scores are handicapped based on average jump numbers, so lower-skilled teams will get a higher handicap and thus have an actual competitive chance.

The skydives are fun and unique formations, with some options to back fly for the freeflyers, some hybrid stuff, some advanced bonus moves for bonus points if the team wants to go for it… lots of weird stuff that will be super fun to try do.

Q: What if I have 3 belly flyers and only 1 freeflyer. Can I still participate?
A: Yes, any combo will work really. It’s just a suggestion for best execution results, but an all belly team that’s highly skilled can also be strong contenders.
Q: What time does it start.
A: Be there by 9:00AM for briefing,
Q: Do I need a separate videographer…(a 5th jumper) on my team?
A: Yes, usually the team chips in and covers his/her slot. Sometimes experienced videographers also request a fee for the day.

The bunk houses are available but will fill up fast! $10/night, CASH only. Pre-booking NOT available, check in with manifest day of to claim your bed!

Best Western (856) 340-7900
Hampton Inn (856) 228-4200
The Hampton Inn has a special Cross Keys rate of $89/night and is only 5 minutes away from the drop zone. Just mention Freefall Adventures, or group code 0002764179.

We do have rental gear, on a first come first served basis starting at 8am Saturday morning: Student canopy sizes 150-240. We also use this gear for our students, so you may be asked to share. Please call manifest for more information (856) 629-7553

Packers are available for your convenience! Pack jobs are $7 each, CASH ONLY. Please make sure you talk to a packer when you drop off your rig. The red packing carpet is for paid packing only, please keep your belongings on the grey carpet or in the lounge during the boogie.

RIGGING: Jumpfish Rigging is a full-service rigging loft located on the premises, contact Dave Pancake (our awesome master rigger) for your rigging needs! 856-404-5259

Please download the BurbleMe app and fill in your information to save yourself some check-in time if you’re new to CK! Don’t forget your up-to-date USPA card, logbook and reserve packing card (must have your reserve card in your rig at all times to jump!)

For any questions, please contact manifest at (856) 629 7553!



Jun 24 2017


All of the day


Skydive Cross Keys
Williamstown, NJ


Melanie Curtis

Other Organizers


Humid and Mostly Cloudy
27 °C
Wind: 6 KPH
Humidity: 1 %
Visibility: 16 KM

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