Flight Essentials – Canopy Course w/ Martin Sebastian Skrzypczak @ SDC

Begin in a classroom where you will learn about Canopy Flight, which includes: Wing Loading, Canopy Maneuvers, Harness Inputs, Landing Patterns, Setup Techniques, Understanding the Vertical to Horizontal Transition, and Landing Techniques.  Afterward, you will begin making Hop&Pop jumps, putting your new canopy skills to work.  Return to the classroom after every jump for group video debriefs.

Need to work on your accuracy?
Need to meet your B license requirements?
Thinking about down sizing?
Trying high performance landings?

This course is for you..

Cost: $100 Registration + 5 hop & pop jumps
Slots: 10 people max.


Jun 03 2017


All of the day



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Skydive Chicago
Ottawa, IL

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