Tony Suits releases new wingsuit: The Foghead


From Tony Suits:

We are proud to announce the release of our newest wingsuit: The Foghead.

The what?
Let us explain. “Neblekopf” directly translated from German is “foghead” (Nebel = fog, Kopf = head). We chose this name from the Name That Suit competition, as a tribute to our dearly departed friend, Jeff Neblekopf.

Jeff was more than just a friend. His help at TonySuits was invaluable. Working closely with Tony over 10 years, Jeff assisted in the designing and development of wingsuits.
It was during this time that he discovered the German meaning of his last name, which quickly became an affectionate nickname, and then the name of the studio where he showcased his artwork.  And now the name of our newly released intermediate suit.

Tell me more about this new wingsuit?
R2B2 was the prototype, a wingsuit with BIG performance in back and belly flying.

We would like to give a big thanks to:

  • Blue Skies Mag for hosting the ‘Name That Suit’ competition
  • All the people who submitted name suggestions
  • The winner of the naming competition, Aaron Webb
  • Matt Higgins, for providing the comp award, his new book, Bird Dream

Jeff was a talented and enthusiastic individual who lives on in the hearts of many, and it is our hope that this tribute honors him and his wife Sita.


Cessna from Skydive Sussex flips over following an off airport landing


incidentsA small Cessna from Skydive Sussex carrying 5 jumpers and a pilot experienced engine troubles and was forced to land off. The plane put down in a field near the Sussex Airport in Wantage, New Jersey.  Due to the wet/muddy conditions in the field, the plane flipped over on landing.  Only minor injuries were reported and all occupants are reported to have been able to walked away. Dropzone owner Rich Winstock was piloting the plane.

The incident remains under investigation.

News Report:,

BSBD Justin Gulley


BSBDcropSMPerris Valley jumper Justin Gulley died from injuries sustained after a low turn on Saturday, November 29 2014.

The incident remains under investigation. Justin is reported to have been coming back from a somewhat long spot, landing a little away from the main landing area. It is possible that the low turn came about by him trying to turn the canopy into the wind last second.

Justin is reported to have had over 300 jumps, and jumping canopy of medium performance loaded at approximately 1:1.

We send our sincerest condolences to his family and friends and everyone at Perris.

News Reports: The Press Enterprise, Valley News

Edge BASE Jump Magazine – subscription deals



Edge BASE Jump Magazine is a relatively new publication, catering exclusively to BASE jumpers, or people keen on reading about BASE related activities. They are offering up 2 different deals:

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This offer is available Black Friday (November 28) through Cyber Monday (December 1). NOTE that Edge BASE Jump Magazine is headquartered in the UK so keep the time difference in mind.

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ChutingStar Holiday Deals



ChutingStar has plenty of deals for the holidays as always, kicking off with some great ones on Black Friday.  Make sure to read carefully as different deals run different dates.

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  • Free EXO XL Helmet Case with the purchase of any Full-Face Skydiving Helmet! (G3, Aero, Kiss, Z1 SL-14, Phantom X, Phantom XV, etc.) Just add both to cart! Nov. 28 to Jan. 5.
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The deals above are for the skydiving side of ChutingStar, but if you are a skater, check out the website for some deals there too!