Femur Luxury Home Comfort Kit


Oh boy, I can’t wait to see what kind of search results we will get from this post title down the road!

All kidding aside, Canadian jumper Keith Charabaruk is putting up for sale a carefully crafted assembly of  of the toolkit he used to successfully recover from his recent “femuring”.  If you (or your friends) are into rapid downsizing or some other tried and trusted methods of denting the planet, please pay close attention to this bargain deal.  You can now get those items for only the cost of the gas it will take Keith to deliver them to you – or for the cost of shipping.  Just remember that Canadian bit when you calculate how many liters of gas he’s going to need to get all those kilometers to your house.

This ad was put up in a group on Facebook that has to do with selling gear. It is a closed group, but you can put in a request to be added if used skydiving gear is your thing.

For Sale: Femur Luxury Home Comfort  Care Kit!

Price: you pay my gas to bring it or shipping whichever you prefer. 

This amazing kit comes complete with the only breakfast you can afford if like me you don’t have disability insurance (or it doesn’t cover skydiving like 99% of them).
This gently used shower bench will make you feel more human by giving you the ability to clean yourself rather than relying on an angry loved one who resents the fact that you hurt yourself jumping despite the fact they didn’t want you doing it to begin with.  The backpack along with the thermos you will need to get yourself, will allow you to bring things like hot coffee or cold milk from one room to another because your hands are full with the crutches seen in the bottom of the picture.
And men (sorry ladies I don’t have your version) the bedside urinal has been rinsed several times so that you can use it right away. If conveniently located on your night stand this will save you several painful trips to the toilet in the middle of the night when the crazy pain meds force you to piss every hour on the hour. Holding an amazing 1.2 litres this wonderful design will keep you horizontal until your cat creeps up on you and you spill the contents all over your side of the bed. 

Edit* I forgot to mention the grabber tool! Super handy when you cant bend over due to swelling. It also saves you from having to sheepishly ask those able bodied people around you to pick up your keys, or urinal.

Please folks rush your training, don’t listen to others, and downsize as quickly as possible so that like me, you too can help someone else when they need it most.


Keith kindly gave his permission to repost this, with high hopes the items will go on to a good home.  We are working to bring you the details of how the femur broke, which apparently include an angry cop that refused to take his DeLorean up to 88 mph by the end of the parking lot, and MORE. Stay tuned.

Plexus Tandem Systems split up operations


Plexus_Tandem_Systems_Press_release_140929_pdf__1_page_The Plexus Tandem System is changing their operations up a bit, and last week issued a press release explaining the details.

Long and short of it, The Uninsured Precision Tandem Aerodynamics, Inc – doing business as Plexus Tandem Systems – sold and marketed The Plexus tandem system. As of October 1st, 2014 they have discontinued their efforts.

Sales and support for existing systems will be assumed by the primary component manufacturers:

  • Wings Tandem in Zephyrhills, Florida (Harness/Container system)
  • Precision Aerodynamics, Dunlap, Tennessee (for Plexus main and reserve canopies)

You can read the entire press release by clicking on the link below.

Plexus Tandem Systems Press Release

Squirrel releases the Snatch PC


The guys at Squirrel are nothing if not prolific, as can be seen in the plethora of new products spilling into the market from wherever it is they store their nuts. Wingsuit are the main product line, but they also offer a couple of canopies, a wingsuit BASE specific container. The latest addition to the family is the Snatch PC, a pilot chute.  This time around they’ve released the BASE specific version (available for ordering on their website), with plans to come out with versions for standard and specialized skydiving applications (ranging from freefly to CRW) at a later date.

From the Squirrel website:

In a way, traditional pilot chute designs are very simple. Take two circles of cloth, one mesh and one ZP/F111, and then sew them together. Add some load tapes, or not, and ship it out. Pilot chutes today vary widely in weight, design, and construction, and many seem to be carelessly made if you start to think very carefully about the importance of weight and symmetry – or maybe the manufacturers just accept the fact that they “work”, as is. And it’s true, current PCs “work” just fine. That’s what one experienced jumper told me when I showed him my Snatch – he shrugged, sneered, and said that his old thing worked just fine. So maybe it’s nothing special, but we think it’s better. 

We started out with a traditional PC design two years ago. It worked just fine. Will Kitto then presented us with the idea for the Snatch: a Toroidal Arc PDA, designed in 3D. Even from the first moment we snapped it open by hand, you could see the difference. So we decided to focus on this new design instead, and see what it was all about.

A year of testing, with wingsuits, slider-off low cliffs, in wind-tunnels, etc, and we’re convinced that this is at least a small step forward. Personally, for wingsuit use, I like the light handle and the increased stability – you can see it in rear facing video quite clearly. Will likes it for his low-cliff jumping, he says the larger sizes “set” better and pull more steadily.

They are complex to build. It’s not easy to sew the six or eight gores together because they aren’t just “slices” of pie. Each panel has a subtle curve on all edges, to enable the 3D shaping. It is a very time-consuming process and it takes a high level of sewing ability. Fortunately, we have the manpower and the skill in the Squirrel workshop. Anyone who has seen our wingsuits can attest to the precision inherent in them, and our PCs are no different.

 Finally, since we do believe that this is a worthy improvement and we would love feedback from all interested jumpers regardless of where they like to get their gear from, we are open sourcing the design. We’ll send the 2D patterns for the entire size range to whoever wants it.

Cheers, from all the Team.

WORLD WAR XP – Beer Naming Competition!

Name our Beers flyer

Submitted by Keith Creedy

fb beer mugs 2

Paraclete XP is brewing their own craft beer for their World War XP dynamic tournament (October 11) and has teamed up with Blue Skies Mag to name their thirst quenching bubbly deliciousness. Paraclete is looking for names that incorporate tunnel flying – preferably the dynamic type of flying. Fun/funny/witty is preferred.

The beer selection currently brewing includes a blonde, bavarian hefeweizen, pumpkin ale, and a stout. Help them come up with some shred-tastic dynamic/tunnel related names for these beers!

Here are a few examples that might help you get your brain in gear:  Bottom Loop Blonde, a Switching Stout, or a Pumpkin Shuffler. Come up with your own and if it’s good, that’s what we’ll be naming our beer! Plus, you get FREE STUFF!!  

fb beer mugs 2-2TO ENTER: Submit your suggestion as a comment on our Facebook page).  You may submit as many as you’d like but each entry MUST be its own comment. You can submit comments on this page too, but they won’t be eligible for winning, because people can’t vote for them here!

HOW WE DECIDE THE WINNER(S): 45% entries with the most likes, 45% judges’ choice based on creativity, 15% how drubnkk we are after beer testing.

And here is a little pro tip: since voting takes place on Facebook, sharing that post to your friends/family/dropzones telling them to vote for your suggestion(s) increases your chances of winning. WINNING!!!   5 winners will be chosen just from sharing, not including the 4 winners from the contest.

And now to the really fun part: HELP DRINK THE BEER! Come to Paraclete XP on October 11th, 2014. Drink our beer. It’s really that simple.

WATCH THE COMPETITION LIVE: We’re broadcasting LIVE on October 11th, 2014 (this Saturday), so tune in to the WWXP LiveStream broadcast and join in on the fun!

Just to sum it up: Beer Naming Competition on Facebook.  LIKE to VOTE for your favorites, COMMENT to ENTER your beer name, and SHARE to WIN even more!  GO!


Name our Beers flyer