i65: It’s all about the people, people!

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Our May issue features some truly outstanding people. Laura Wagner and Scott Palmer (although you probably know him as Plamer) are kinda big deals, organizing at events, doing awesome shit in the tunnel and looking pretty hot. Zach Lewis and Missy Keough interview them and hey, they’re no slouches themselves.

Our cover story focus, Bryan Turner, was the kind of person who should have been featured in life for his commitment to ending extreme poverty–instead we only learned about it after he died. Hug your people, people.

And, if you know someone who maybe isn’t the shit-hottest jumper but is a remarkable person we should profile, send them our way! We’re not just about the sky and the tunnel and the exit point; the people in our sports are what really give the blue sky its soul.

Blue Skies Magazine i65: May 2015 | blueskiesmag.com

i65: May 2015 | Cover Photo: Marco Waltenspiel of the Red Bull Skydive Team above Salzburg, Austria. Photo by Wolfgang Lienbacher • lienbacher.com | Cover Story: Bryan Turner, 1982-2015

In this issue (full details and links to online versions here!):

  • Bryan Turner, 1982-2015 | We didn’t know Bryan Turner before he died at the Perrine, but his selflessness and dedication to a cause made us wish we did.
  • Featured Photo | Kangook USA powered paragliding pilot Antoine Vignier tests new tubular arms for Kangook frames.
  • The FlyBy | Take It DZ comic, Reader question, Strong’s fancy new packing manuals
  • Plamer | Interview by Missy Keough
  • Laura Wagner | Photo Interview by Zach Lewis
  • Centerfold | Will Penny takes a canopy-powered selfie above Moorea Island, French Polynesia.
  • Future Tech | by Joel Strickland
  • The Magic in Great Marketing | by James La Barrie
  • Man with a Vision | by Kurt Gaebel, NSL
  • Same Old Song and Dance | by the Fuckin’ Pilot
  • Whuffo Friends | by Melanie Curtis
  • SkyGod Goes to Coachella


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Sunshine Superman opens May 22!

We hear lots of big talk in this strange little sky world of ours. Big plans for big movies, big jumps, big events, big stories, big projects. Very little of the talk actually makes it into reality, so we’re just tickled blue to announce that a film we first talked about way back in issue #10 is being released this month, five long years later! Mara Schmid reviewed the film (read her review here!) and has an exclusive interview with Carl’s wife Jean in our upcoming June issue.

The film opens May 22 in NY and LA, and later in more locations around the country. You can see locations and buy tickets at magpictures.com/sunshinesuperman/. I don’t speak for the distributor or anything, but I’d guess if we flood those theaters and showings sell out, it would greatly up the odds of a wider distribution! So if your town isn’t one of the chosen few, get your buddies in those towns to go see the film.

Originally titled “Gravity” the film started its life as a Kickstarter project to transfer Carl Boenish’s films to digital for use in a documentary about BASE jumping. It grew up into “Sunshine Superman,” described as “a heart-racing documentary portrait of Carl Boenish, the father of the BASE jumping movement, whose early passion for skydiving led him to ever more spectacular–and dangerous–feats of foot-launched human flight.”

GO SEE THE FILM! Then come back, tell us what you thought, and read Mara’s interview with Jean Boenish in i66 of Blue Skies Mag, coming soon!

Blue Skies Magazine reviews "Sunshine Superman," the documentary about Carl Boenish. | blueskiesmag.com

Jean Boenish, Blue Skies Mag author Mara Schmidt and “Sunshine Superman” documentarian Marah Strauch

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Reader question: Rookie of the Year

This month’s reader question: Who are the hot young whippersnappers we should know about? The up-and-coming big-way goddesses? The future world champion swoopers? Next decade’s Bill Booths? Douggs’ protege candidates? And most importantly – why?

Select responses will be printed in the June 2015 issue of Blue Skies Mag. Comment here with your name, exactly as you want it printed in the mag, or email responses to me at lara@blueskiesmag.com.

Let the prognosticating commence!

i64 desktop wallpaper: Golden Knights’ VFS by SFC Jon Ewald

We’re sticking with the head-downers in this month’s centerfold. No civvies this time though, these guys are Army Strong.

Blue Skies Mag i64 centerfold: Golden Knights' VFS | blueskiesmag.com

i64 Centerfold: The U.S. Army Parachute Team has added a vertical formation skydiving (VFS) team to its roster, calling it the Golden Knights Vertical Program (GKVP). Here, the team trains at Homestead Air Reserve Base in Florida in preparation for this year’s USPA Nationals, where they plan to compete in the VFS open category. (l to r): SGT Dan Osario, SGT John Long, SSG Trey Martin and SSG Reece Pendleton. Photo by SFC Jon Ewald.

Download wallpaper (1920×1080)