The Selfie of all Selfies

We may not offer up awesome photos of the Blue Skies Mag logo carved into a pumpkin, because we can’t be trusted near sharp objects. Nor do we have the kind of patience that takes.  BUT, instead we offer up this fine-looking melon – the best selfie we’ve seen in a long time!

Niklas Daniel of AXIS Flight School sporting a big grin landing after a jump.

Niklas Daniel: SuperSelfie

Niklas Daniel: SuperSelfie

PS. If you are the artistic type, and to carve a Blue Skies Mag pumpkin, by all means send us photos!! 

Paramotoring in Patagonia, Argentina

This video comes to us from Esquel (a small town in Patagonia, Argentina), compliments of Federico Urquizu.

He is not a pilot himself, but has a few friends there that paraglide, speedride and paramotor.  The flying community in Esquel is small, but the views are absolutely breathtaking, especially when viewed through the artistic approach of someone like Federico, or Fede as he likes to be called. We hope to be able to bring you more of his work soon (both in print and video).

In this video, Nico Eyo flies his paramotor under the bridge of Rio Percey, a few kilometers outside of Esquel – becoming the first pilot in that area to do so.


Best Christmas Boogie 2014?


Can you help Crystal?

She is looking to hit up a good boogie for Christmas and New Years and is willing to do the whole plane, train and automobile to find it.  Crystal does not discriminate and enjoys both freefly and RW and for her a decent selection of organizers is a must.
Please add your suggestions in the comments, and note why that boogie is worth going to.

Here is a very incomplete list of boogies that we know of:

Caption Contest: Arizona style

Mail Attachment

Blue Skies Magazine subscriber Marshall Wallace sent us this great picture, that just begs a caption contest!
As he pointed out when he sent the photo in, the strategic placement of the Blue Skies sticker is pretty cool, and body positions and stuff going on in there are fantastic.

The picture was taken by Jonathan Radovic. Other key players are Marshall Wallace (center), Yanni Lee (bottom right, intensely focused) and Tyler Freegard (top right, who seems to have a question for the teacher).

Mail Attachment

Photo by Jonathan Radovic

The picture was taken at Desert Skydiving Center in Buckeye, Arizona.