The Dropzone Diaries: funnier than ever


And now coming to a website near you!

Being huge fans of the Dropzone Diaries and their quirky comedy, we are happy to announce a little partnership. Approximately twice a month you will enjoy a carefully curated, hand-picked guest post from DD appearing right here on the Blue Skies Mag website.

The Dropzone Diaries is a humorous, satirical blog about the everyday life of a skydiver. Written through animated GIF’s and photos, the site pokes fun at the emotions, malfunctions, and day-to-day madness of dropzone life. Much of the content is submitted by fans, so check it out and submit your ideas today!


While we prepare the first post, please feel free to head on over to the Dropzone Diaries website and use your ENTIRE lunch break to laugh at the previous posts.

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PD Factory Team Raffle 2.0

pdft raffle poster 2014

Our neighbors across the street (well, across a few streets if you want to get all technical about it) are doing their raffle thing again – with some quality gear on the line. Tickets are $60.00 each, and a total of 750 of them are up for sale. The odds just might be in your favor this time.

pdft raffle poster 2014Grand Prize: (1 available)
1 custom color main canopy from Performance Designs
1 Optimum reserve from Performance Designs
1 custom Javelin Odyssey with all the options from Sun Path Products, Inc
1 Cypres 2 Expert/Speed from CYPRES
1 helmet (G3 or Fuel) from Cookie Composites
2 N3s from Alti-2
1 jumpsuit from LiquidSky Sports
1 pair of shoes, socks and CSE shoelaces from ChutingStar

2nd Place Prize: (1 available)
1 helmet (G3 or Fuel) from Cookie Composites
1 N3 from Alti-2

3rd Place Prizes (10 available)
$150 voucher for Flight-1 course

4th Place Prizes (5 available)
PDFT swag bag

This year everyone that buys a ticket will also get personalized high-resolution digital thank you poster.
The PD Factory is an international team with members all around the world. The raffle is open to all jumpers, with last year’s winner hailing from Ireland.

Instructions from the PD Factory Team on how to purchase:
Visit the PD Factory Team website to purchase your ticket(s).  On that page is a form field you should fill in with the name you’d like to have on the poster.  You may purchase than one ticket on the time – but only one poster is supplied per order. If you’d like different name, do it as a separate order.  Posters will be sent out once all tickets are sold.  Since it’s a digital poster, you don’t need to worry about your shipping address; the poster will be emailed to the email used to purchase the poster.

The Selfie of all Selfies

Niklas Daniel: SuperSelfie

We may not offer up awesome photos of the Blue Skies Mag logo carved into a pumpkin, because we can’t be trusted near sharp objects. Nor do we have the kind of patience that takes.  BUT, instead we offer up this fine-looking melon – the best selfie we’ve seen in a long time!

Niklas Daniel of AXIS Flight School sporting a big grin landing after a jump.

Niklas Daniel: SuperSelfie

Niklas Daniel: SuperSelfie

PS. If you are the artistic type, and to carve a Blue Skies Mag pumpkin, by all means send us photos!! 

Paramotoring in Patagonia, Argentina

This video comes to us from Esquel (a small town in Patagonia, Argentina), compliments of Federico Urquizu.

He is not a pilot himself, but has a few friends there that paraglide, speedride and paramotor.  The flying community in Esquel is small, but the views are absolutely breathtaking, especially when viewed through the artistic approach of someone like Federico, or Fede as he likes to be called. We hope to be able to bring you more of his work soon (both in print and video).

In this video, Nico Eyo flies his paramotor under the bridge of Rio Percey, a few kilometers outside of Esquel – becoming the first pilot in that area to do so.