PIA: 2nd Regular Meeting of 2014 coming up


the Second Regular PIA Meeting of 2014 is to be held the weekend of August 21-23rd (Thursday-Saturday) in Denver, Colorado.

If you are into the parachuting industry, gear and such, you might find it interesting to attend. Visit the PIA website for a detailed meeting schedule and information about accommodation.

Having sat through a couple of those I can attest to finding them a tiny bit dull, but the cocktail hour afterwards is fantastic! That is where you often run into some of the most interesting characters of the sport  and they usually have great stories to tell.


Blue Skies Mag Movie Club


We like skydiving videos, and you like skydiving videos – what a happy coincidence!

Which is pretty much the whole reason for roping Missy the Sexy Librarian in as movie curator and connoisseur of fine videos. As it turns out, quite a few people share the movie watching/making/sharing interest, so we have created a group on Facebook to make it easy to share and sample.

Please feel free to join up, share your favorite movies or just check out what others are posting up.

The group can be found here:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/blueskiesmagmovieclub

Pictures in motion: It’s movie time

Hit play, you say?

Sit back, grab the popcorn and don’t even think about holding my beer. Get your own or go find some A-license wannabe and educate them on the fine rule of firsts. Speaking of, when you buy your first case, don’t you really owe two?  Buying a case for the first time? That’s a case. ANOTHER case.  Please spread the word and enjoy your double beverages, compliments of the critical and thirsty thinkers at Blue Skies Magazine.

Back to the topic at hand.
There are some things that we can’t fit in our glorious printed version (subscriptions can be bought here, dirt cheap), such as videos. Recognizing that there are some outstanding skydiving videos out there, we’ve brought sexy librarian Missy Q on board to wade through your puddles of creativity.  She will curate, catalog, review and preview videos she finds on the internet, and the finest of the finest (or whatever we find funnier than the current cat video) will be published here. Fridays will be dedicated video days, where we will offer up a post for you with the highlights of the week.

Hit play, you say?

Hit play, you say?

If you have a video that you made, or that you stumbled across when you were busy clicking your way through the internet on your boss’s dime, send Missy a link and let her know why it’s awesome. Odds are she can figure it out for herself, but we really are interested in your opinions. Truly. Especially after we have had a few beers.


BSBD Andrei Ryndin – Russian CP Team

BSBDcrop sm

BSBDcrop smCanopy pilot Andrei Ryndin, a member of the Russian Canopy Piloting team died Thursday July 24th, during a competition  jump at the Russian Canopy Piloting Championships in Aerograd Kolomna, Russia.  It was his 3rd jump of the day.
Andrei was an active and current skydiver. He was reported to be flying a Performance Designs Peregrine, a canopy made especially for competitive canopy pilots.

Canopy Piloting is an unforgiving sport where mistakes can result in serious injury or death.

Our sympathies to Andrei’s family and friends.

News Reports: Itar-Tass.com (English)

BSBD Frederick Platt, Jr – canopy collision

BSBDcrop sm

BSBDcrop smFormer Navy SEAL Frederick Platt died on Sunday in the wake of a canopy collision at Skydive Midwest in Sturtevant, Wisconsin.  Frederick was an experienced jumper with around 2000 jumps and was a local at Skydive Midwest.  The other jumper, Neil Kuhlman was not seriously injured.

The incident is under investigation.

Frederick leaves behind his wife Stacy, pregnant with their first child. A fund has been set up to support the family. If you would like to contribute, please click this link for further information. We send our sincerest condolences to Skydive Midwest, family and friends.



News Reports: JSOnline, RacineUncovered.com