Judge finds in favor of Mile-Hi Skydiving following Longmont Noise Trial


Dropzone owner Frank Casares and jumpers at Mile-Hi Skydiving Center can breathe easier after Bolder District Court Judge Judith LaBuda ruled in their favor on every claim brought forth by a group known as Citizens for Quiet Skies (or Facebook page). Claims were for nuisance, negligence and negligence per se.
The group had complained that the noise from aircraft (in particular the well visible purple, yellow and white Mile-Hi Twin Otter) had negatively impacted their quality of life as well as reduced the value of their properties. Kimberly Gibb, the leader of the group, is reported to be considering an appeal.
The city of Longmont is hosting a public meeting on June 3 to discuss complaints regarding airport noise.

The basis for the ruling rests on a foundation in federal laws and regulations regarding airplane noise, which are the standards that Mile-Hi must (and does) comply with. No evidence was found that violations has taken place.
Click here for a link to the case file in its entirety.


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Help a Jumper Out: Kylie Rhoads, Wilderness EMT Training

In our “Help a Jumper Out’ posts, we usually bring to your attention skydivers that have been injured or hurt, and need help while they recover. Today’s contestant hails from the other side of the spectrum – the first responder side.

Kylie is an active jumper and tunnel flyer. Having spent several years on a busy dropzone she has seen her fair share of what the sport has to offer – good, bad and the ugly. Much respect to Kylie for stepping up and becoming one of those people who can really make a difference outside of a sterile hospital room – such as the landing area.


A little intro from Kylie’s GoFundMe page:

In March 2015 I finally had the opportunity to pursue a long-time goal of completing Wilderness First Responder training with Wilderness Medical Associates. That course reinforced a passion to learn and help those in need and added more fuel to the fire, emboldening me to pursue another journey for a goal – to become a certified Wilderness EMT – a course which, when completed, will allow me to combine medical training and critical thinking to aid and assist people in emergency situations where medical care is miles away. In addition to backcountry medicine, following completion of this course I will also be certified as an urban EMT!

My passions and pursuits in “extreme” and outdoor sports have put me on the front line in situations where immediate medical care was necessary to save lives, and now I want to be in a position to offer that care. We all know life is a precious commodity, and I see the pursuit to care for and protect that commodity as a worthy cause.

I’m asking for help, so I can help others. No amount is too small, and any amount will be greatly appreciated. Plus…..if you give a little…you get back…in the form of cookies!

If you could lend Kylie a hand with a few pennies, hit up her GoFundMe site and donate. Having known her for years, we can certainly vouch for those cookies, her great character and the solid personality to go with it. Good luck, Kylie!

BSBD Dean Potter, Graham Hunt – wingsuit BASE accident in Yosemite

BSBDcropDean Potter and Graham Hunt were killed during a wingsuit BASE jump in Yosemite Valley, California on Saturday, May 16, 2015.

The plan was to have been for a wingsuit BASE jump from Taft Point in Yosemite National Park (7,500 feet). When support crew was not able to make contact following the jump, a rescue mission was launched. Reports mention that neither parachute had been deployed. Both were highly experienced and skilled as jumpers and climbers, with solid knowledge of the area.
The accidents remain under investigation. BASE jumping is not currently legal in the national park.

Our deepest sympathies to their families and friends around the world.

News Reports: Outside.com, BBC News, Time

Job Opening: Para Concepts seeks Rigger


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Para Concepts is seeking a Master Rigger, or Senior Rigger with Master aspirations. We are a mid-sized loft, focusing on custom rigging solutions, canopy repair, relines, and swoop accessories, with a steady customer base from the area drop zones and a very busy internet/ mail order presence as the ICARUS Factory Service Center.

Typical projects include: Inspection and repacks, major and minor canopy repair, relines, jumpsuit repair, harness repair, fabrication of paramotor risers, linesets and sliders, gear consultations, and sales.

The ideal candidate will have the following:

  • Senior Rigger Certificate.
  • 3 years minimum rigging experience.
  • Strong sewing skills.
  • Flexibility in daily tasks and scheduling.

Para Concepts is a year-round facility, so we are looking for someone who would like to move to the area. We are located in Ottawa, IL, just minutes from Skydive Chicago, and within driving distance of 2 wind tunnels, several drop zones of all sizes, and the stunning skyline of Chicago.
We offer rigging courses and a DPRE on site for applicants wanting to add a rating or test for the Master Rigger’s Certificate. As a member of PIA, we are very focused on continuing education for our staff and our customers.

Applicants must be legal to work in the USA.
Please send resumes to sales@paraconcepts.com

Contour and iON Cameras Announce Merger


The Contour camera has been a pretty popular choice in the POV market in recent years, well liked by the adventure sports crowd. The sleek, low-profile design made it a favorite amongst skydivers who favor mounting the camera on the side of a helmet rather than on top (like the GoPro).

Founded in 2004, the Contour cameras faced stiff competition from GoPro and other POV ‘action cameras’. In the fall of 2013 Contour shut it’s doors and announced closure, but reemerged early 2014 for another go.

Now Contour has merged with iOn Cameras, likely to take on the GoPro giant. We are happy to see the Contour stay on the market, and hope that this merger will yield some more options for skydiver. The iON action cameras have long appealed to the budget conscious customer, so hopefully we will see the best of both worlds in future releases.


Click here to read press releases on the Contour website (or the iON website).