Backpack Helicopter: would you jump it?

This futuristic contraption is still in the concept stage, but inventor Tarek Ibrahim is hard at work on the prototype and expects first test flights in June, 2015.
The company sports a very minimalistic webpage and has just added a Facebook page  which contains a few more computer generated photos of the Backpack Helicopter. They promise to be able to take skydiver up to 10,000 feet for a jump, and have it as a mission to replace cars with flying machines.

Now the question is, think it will work?  And if so, would you jump it?

Photo courtesy of Backpack Helicopter's Facebook

Photo courtesy of Backpack Helicopter’s Facebook

If you are on Twitter, follow @BackpackHeli for updates.


Better than Coffee! Here’s to another 5 years.

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Are we parachutists again? Can it be?

Back in the day, it was all about the speed star. 4-way. Big ways. Then free flying came along and people started migrating over to “the dark side”. Then swooping caught on and eventually moved away from sketchy toggle-hooks over the beer line and into a permanent home on the pond.  A whole new generation of jumpers came up that elected to flat-out skip freefall(!) – and the professional canopy pilot was born. We were parachuting again, in a way.

As manufacturers keep on bringing out higher performance gear, capable of pushing the envelope even further, it seems as if if we are daring to enjoy the canopy portion of a skydive as much as the freefall. More and more skydivers have started to flirt with paragliding.  Some stick with the traditional, but other move right on its latest offshoot – speed flying (speed riding/ground launching). And then, there is Acro. If you are into dizzy dizzy whoosh whoosh, that might just be the sport for you.

Enough talking – let’s watch this short video on speed flying from the 2014 King of Speed.

If you want more, here is also a happy chap that has just gotten into acro. He seems to owe beer, although he’s probably ignorant of that outstanding rule.

Stay Awesome Products – Pirate Takeover

By the looks of this, jumpers at Skydive City had some good times over the holidays, despite the Florida weather not quite cooperating.

If you’d rather be skydiving at the moment than sitting at your desk, and have about 5-6 minutes to spare, this video should get you a tiny bit of your skydiving fix. No, not the same as the real thing – but hey – gotta earn jump money somehow, right?!