DZ Dubsmash

Show us your best DZ Dubsmashes. I mean, I don’t know how you can beat this one from the greatest baseball team to walk the field, but you should sure as shit try.

🍌🍌🍌 #Minions #HappyFlight #WinningIsFun @yungjoc650 @redturn2

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So come one, come all, load up the Dubsmash app, get your DZ juices flowing and post your results in the comments. You could also email links or whatnot to me at There may be a little something in it for the best ones. And for the love of all things Targaryen, BRING ME MY DRAGONS.  If you are posting up on social media, use #DZdubsmash so we can keep an eye on the glory.

Hop, pop, chop and swim.

In that order.

Never a dull moment around Trunk from Hypoxic.  In the video below you can see Trunk’s canopy open with a tension knot on the left front riser. He wrangles with it for a short moment, cuts away and deploys his reserve. Then the video shifts into time-lapse mode for approach and landing – and eventually following the cutaway main canopy as it lands in a pond.
Trunk proceeds to strip down to his skivvies, jumps in the pond to retrieve his beloved Valkyrie and doggie paddles it back to shore. All perfectly captured by his GoPro and expertly edited by the master himself.

Well done, Trunk!!

How to Plan a Skydiving Event – Planet Green Socks Style

Sydney Williams of Planet Green Socks has big dreams for the events in the skydiving industry. There are a handful of legendary events that continue to blow our minds year after year, event after event.

Ever think that YOUR event (no matter how big or small) should be escalated to mind-blowing status as well?  Yes? But how, you ask?

How to Plan a Skydiving Event - the guide

“How to Plan a Skydiving Event” – the guide.


The answer: How to Plan a Skydiving Event – the Guide.

The guide covers everything you need to know in order to execute a badass, legendary event that jumpers, vendors, and organizers will talk about long after the sunset load takes off on the last day. Whether you already have a good handle on how to execute events, or you’re dreaming up your version of something epic for your own DZ, this guide will give you the framework a professional event planner would use.

Visit the Planet Green Socks website to learn more and reserve your copy of the guide. Starting today through August 2nd, you’ll get the guide and a 1-hour event consulting call with Sydney for $250. The price goes up on launch day, so don’t wait too long to reserve your copy.

Illinois Women’s State Record Attempts – Rhythm Style

The Event: Badass Chicks’ Illinois State Record Attempt

The hottest action this summer is at Skydive Chicago as up to 40 women will be aiming to take on the women’s state record Aug 14-16, 2015. The last record of 34 in 2013 was such a smashing success and marvelous good time that we are going after it again.

If the bulletin points below describe you, we’d love for you to come play with us in August!

  • Have at least 100 jumps
  • Have 4-way/8-way training experience – OR – experience with 12-40 ways
  • Are a woman!
  • Get exited by strings of qualification questions in event descriptions?*

Since this is a Rhythm run affair, you can expect a relaxed environment focused on learning as much as you can cram into your head in one weekend.  Starting with smaller groups and gradually going bigger will allow you to learn and practice the techniques you will need to rock on the formal record attempts, including:

  • Swooping like a super-heroine? Check.
  • Really understanding the stadium picture? Definitely.
  • Figuring out fall rate? Covered.
  • Tracking without terror? Absolutely.
  • Flying inside 40-way woman formation, with 39 other amazing chicks? Oh yeah!

For more details, and to apply for a slot, please visit our website or contact your favorite Rhythm member. Registration is $100.00, plus jumps.

The Organizers: 

JaNette Lefkowitz is the outside center for SDC Rhythm XP. As a founding member of Rhythm, she has won bags full of medals at US Nationals and International events like Dubai IPC and Bedford World Challenge. Before she started the spiral into 4-way madness she had a real life degree in mechanical engineering from MIT. Now in between training and coaching jumps you can find her running, keeping her husband Steve from eating obviously poisonous food, and crafting vegan cheese. Contact JaNette at

Christy Frikken competes in 4-way formation skydiving with SDC Rhythm XP as the inside center. Before Rhythm, she was on many teams, most notably Perris Fury, Perris Wicked, and Perris Moxie. Christy Frikken’s first 4-way team only had 3 members and was called Tenacity; since then, she has lived up to the name and been on dozens of complete teams. When she is not going fast herself, she is coaching others to go faster in the tunnel and sky. She spends her time competing, coaching, and writing the occasional bio. Contact her at

But I’m not Female?!

If you find the idea of this event exciting but were born with the unfortunate condition of being a male,  you should check out Steve’s Neglected Men’s Way the same weekend: challenging 16-22 ways, for all the men left behind.  We gals will generously save some of the fun for you guys.

· Being excited by strings of questions in event descriptions may be waived upon request

Cookie Helmets releases Fuel Flatlock Adapter

Earlier this month Cookie Helmets released the long-awaited Fuel Flat Lock Adapter.

The Fuel Flat Lock Adapter is an easy-to-install adapter that provides a secure option for top-mounted video and still cameras. Created for Fuel jumpers wanting to take their open-face helmet to the next level, as well as for camera flyers who have been waiting for a low-profile top-mount to create the perfect work helmet.

When combined with the Fuel Cutaway Chin Cup, you have a helmet system with a sleep profile and easy to access cutaway handle, requiring minim force to engage. The Flat Lock Adapter retails for $27 USD. The Flat Lock Camera Mount is sold separately for $109 USD.  Both are available for purchase online via the Cookie website, or through your favorite dealer.

Fuel Flatlock Adapter mounted on a Fuel helmet

Fuel Flatlock Adapter mounted on a Fuel helmet