Reader question: What’s your biggest fear?


Oh boy, late call on this one! I need answers PDQ for October’s reader question, which is:

What’s your biggest fear in skydiving, BASE jumping or paragliding (or your air sport of choice)?

Responses will be printed in the October issue of Blue Skies Mag, signed with the name you comment as. You can email answers to me as well, to Be sure to state that it’s okay for us to print, and sign as you want your name printed in the mag.

Tony Uragallo is doing an AMA tomorrow!


9/17/14 11:40 AM EST: The AMA is live!

Tony Uragallo, the most interesting man in the world, is doing an AMA on reddit tomorrow, Wednesday Sep. 17 at noon EST!

What the hell is an AMA? reddit?

AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything” and is a popular feature on the website reddit. Anyone can make an account and post questions for Tony to answer. The most popular AMAs include President Obama, Bill Gates, a guy with two penises, Neil deGrasse Tyson and a guy who “was mauled by a bear, fought it off, and drove 4 miles down a mountain with [his] face hanging off.” Really.

How do I ask a question?

Go to reddit, click “want to join? login or register in seconds” in the top right corner to create an account. When Tony’s AMA starts, at noon tomorrow, click on the title of his thread (it doesn’t exist yet – we’ll post the direct link as soon as it’s up). Right under the description box will be an empty square that says, “Please remember, all top-level comments must contain a question.” Type your question in that box and hit Save. You can also comment on other question threads by clicking the green “Reply.”

Do I have to join reddit to view?

Nope! You can read everyone else’s questions and answers without an account. We’ll post highlights here later this week, too.

Who’s Tony Uragallo?

Oh no you di’int. Tony Uragallo owns TonySuits, the company that makes jumpsuits and wingsuits. He started out tinkering with parachutes and created the Jonathan elliptical canopy in the ’80s. When he gets tired of one thing, he moves along to the next. Most recently he moved on to wingsuit BASE competitions and has dominated. At age 60. Silver Grey Sports Club did a great interview and summary of the Tony-ness.

Minus the vertical-video syndrome and terrible audio and general horribleness of my skills (don’t worry, I will leave the videos to professionals from now on), this video from PIA 2013 gives you a few glimpses of the naughty schoolboy twinkle in his eyes and the Jack Sparrow-like charm. Also a peek of Tony’s beautiful wife Mary in the background :)

Movie Club Friday: Mystic Mountain


It is UTAH FRIDAY!!  While the rest of the skydiving world is heading east to go compete at the 2014 USPA Nationals at Skydive Chicago, the president of the Blue Skies Mag Movie Club is on her merry way to go play in the lovely blue skies of Utah with some friends. We have plotted course to Cloud 9 in Draper, Utah and will be taking lessons to get to know this paragliding thing a bit better.

And this is the perfect movie to kick off that new adventure.

Brought to us by Cade Palmer, “Mystic Mountain” is a beautiful film. It is a story of a climb up Volcán Atitlán by an international crew of 9 friends, and then the paraglider filght down.  It captures *that* feeling beautifully and leaves the viewer wanting nothing more than go out into nature and get under a wing. Very touching, in an inspiring way. Cheers to new adventures, new friends and amazing views. Go fly!

Music by Christian Beherenz and Afro Celt Sound System.

Have a new video to submit, or a link to an oldie-goldie?
Send them through email to Missy or via Facebook in the Blue Skies Mag Movie Club.

Infinity Rigs: Alternate Bridle Routing


Kelly Farrington from Velocity Sports Equipment, makers of the Infinity rigs, posted up a note on in response to the discussion about alternative closing methods.  He kindly gave us permission to share that note here.

infinity3dlogoLGSince we’ve gotten multiple emails about this topic today, I’ll throw my response out here for any curious Infinity owners. 
While it is OK to route the bridle from the bottom of an Infinity container, one should be careful to ONLY route the bridle under the #2 flap, and OVER the #1 flap. Tucking the bridle under the #1 flap could lower the security of the main pin cover flap and introduce premature wear.

What interests me is that until about 6 years ago, I had never heard of this malfunction happening. I believe it has become more prominent due to skydivers wanting every part of their gear “tight and tidy”, including the bridle under the pin cover flap- tucking it in so tight and orienting the pin in such a manner that the bridle can start moving before the pin does, giving the bridle an opportunity to impale itself on the pin. 
Social media is also making it easier for people to share the information, possibly making a mountain out of the proverbial mole hill. I would hope that the free flow of information on the web is the main culprit here and that we’re not actually regressing with our knowledge of knowing how to pack properly

Any routing/stowing of the bridle should be done so that any movement of the pilot chute end of the bridle results in either the pin extracting, or more slack in the bridle between the tip of the pin and where the bridle enters the main container.

There you have it!

For more information, check out links with notes from other harness & container manufacturers:

  • Click here to view alternate closing sequence on the UPT Vector container
  • Click here to view an alternate closing sequence on Rigging Innovation containers.
  • Click here to view the bulletin from Parachute Systems for the Vortex container.


Rigging Innovations: alternate bridle routing


Following our post from last week on a container lock thanks to a closing pin piercing a deployment bridle, Rigging Innovations published photos showing an alternate closing sequence on their Facebook page.

For those that do not care for Facebook, the good folks at Rigging Innovations granted us permission to republish these photos showing the closing sequence in the gallery below.

The rest of you can head right over to Facebook with questions or comments directly for RI!