Tri-State tunnelers need help getting it up


Image-1iFlyers in and around Yonkers, NY are hankering for a tunnel in their area.
The tunnel is to be located in an outdoor shopping mall area.  The particular lot it’s going on is near a condo building, and the inhabitants of that condo are not in favor of that.

A town meeting was held last night and the tunnelers garnered quite a bit of support. In an effort to show the town council how much interest there is in a tunnel at that location, a petition has been started on The goal is to demonstrate the affect the tunnel would have by bringing in visitors to both play and train at that particular future iFly location.

We hope everything gets resolved peacefully and quickly – we hope that we will soon have news and updates for you of a new tunnel in Yonkers!

News Reports: Westchester Lohud

Throwback Thursday: Charles Urban, the man behind the lens

It’s time to introduce you to Charlie Urban, of Shreveport, LA. He’s the guy who supplied us with the past two #TBT’s (Elvis and the Star over Lake Whitney) , and we can only hope that he’s got more photos in the shoebox those came from!

World, meet Charles – dressed for the job back in 1981.

Charles Urban

Charles Urban

The gear includes a round 35’ T10 Military Surplus main with the 7TU Steering Modification. Charles noted that the 24’ Flat military surplus round belly-mounted reserve did not have steering lines but used a line release steering modification.  Also, there is no Stevens system on this rig. Charles noted that this jump resulted in a Mae West malfunction of the main, and subsequent cutaway of the “bellywart” reserve.
Those of you that have never seen anything but the 3-rings, check out the Capewell cutaway system, and be glad you started skydiving after that bearded guy Bill Booth had his great idea (well, one of them).

Got some Throwback photos you’d like to share?  We’d love to see them!

Better than skydiving? Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom


If your rig is out of date or you can’t make it to the dropzone, but happen to find yourself near the Six Flags theme park in Jackson Township, NJ – maybe you can still get your fix, sort of.  Their new attraction, Zumanjaro Drop of Doom is currently under construction and set to open summer 2014! This drop tower ride is 415 feet tall (set to be the tallest in the world) and attached to the existing Kingda Ka roller coaster.

Would you ride it?

BSBD Robert Waspe

BSBDcrop copy

BSBDcrop copyFlorida jumper Robert Waspe died following injuries sustained during a hard landing (2-out) at Skydive City, Zephyrhills, FL. Robert was seen under his main canopy, and then the reserve fired. The main was then observed to streamer, resulting in a spinning reserve until impact. Robert was transported to a hospital, where he died few hours later.

The details of what happened or in what order are not fully known at this stage, and may never be. The main canopy was a Pulse 170 with an Optimum 160 reserve, in a CYPRES2 equipped ICON container, with the RSL hooked up.  After initial inspection, all gear was found to be in good working order.

Robert was considered a heads-up, safe jumper with years of experience in the sport. A 2-out situation is can be a tricky one to handle – prevention may be the best medicine. Some years ago Performance Designs released a paper on the topic that remains a good read (PIA Dual Square Report).

We send our condolences to his friends and family. He will be sorely missed at several Florida DZ’s.



Edge magazine – new online publication for BASE jumpers

Edge Cover

Those of you that like to jump off things are in for a treat – there is a new online magazine in town catering to BASE jumpers. The magazine is developed by a small team of dedicated enthusiasts, managed by British jumper Matt Gough.

Below is a press release from the creators of the Edge – but before we get to that one, please allow us to bring attention to a nifty little project they currently have going. Members of the BASE world – or anyone with a connection to it – are encouraged to donate their pocket change to the Edge BSBD donation fund.  From that fund, Edge arranges for flowers to be sent to the families of those who have died in BASE accident, on behalf of the BASE community. With the past couple of weeks, the fund is pretty well running on empty.

To thank you for your donation, Edge has made their current issue available for free. When you go to claim it, you can essentially set your own price if you want to pay, and consider that your donation. Any payments received that way will go to that fund. More information and a link to go purchase that special edition can be found on the Edge Facebook page.  Visit this post directly for the details.

And now on to the press release!

The Edge BASE Jump Magazine is currently an online publication, with aspirations to launch a physical magazine in the near future. When issues are purchased via the website or Facebook store, the reader is immediately emailed links to read the magazine in the form of interactive flipping book and/or pdf download copy.

Customers have the choice between buying individual issues, annual subscription or package deals which include a combination of subscription with items of Edge branded clothing. The first issue was released 1st March 2014 and subsequent publications are produced bi-monthly, with the second issue due for release in early May.

Members of the BASE community are encouraged to submit articles and content for the magazine and the first issue was filled with entertaining and educational content from the likes of:

  • Rick Harrison
  • Lonnie Bissonnette
  • Jokke Sommer
  • Tim Howell
  • Alastair Macartney
  • Hubert Schober
  • Cynthia Lynn

Edge Cover

For more information, visit the Edge website or the Facebook page.