Skydiving Events: the one group to rule them all

Remember this post from Sydney Williams of Planet Green Socks about Skydiving Events?
We wanted to know how people found out about events, and how they went about selecting the ones to go to. It sparked quite a bit of discussion in the community. Many jumpers got in touch and expressed a little frustration at having to use the bread crumb method to find events offering what they were looking for. The really big events are usually well established and well advertised, but there is a ton of local, smaller events that go a bit unnoticed.

Teaming up with Planet Green Socks, we are going to sort this out for skydivers everywhere (well, to begin with it will be skydivers that are on Facebook that reap the benefit). We have started a group on Facebook, where we will corral event information into one place. Hop over to Planet Green Socks for more details on what the group is about, who can post, how and what.

Ready to join the group? Just click your heels (and mouse) and we’ll teleport you right out of Kansas and into the land of great skydiving events. Let’s boogie.

Photo courtesy of Planet Green Socks. Boogie on!

Photo courtesy of Planet Green Socks. Boogie on!

January Jump in Iceland. Yeah. ICELAND

Back in the way-back-day, I did some static-line jumps and my AFF in Iceland , and could tell you many stories about skydiving on this little rock in the northern Atlantic. We’ll keep these stories off the internet though.

I’ve spent a lot of years becoming soft in Florida, but the jumpers back home are still going strong. On January 18, the Cessna needed to be flown from the dropzone on Hella to the big city for its annual inspection. Since they had to fire it up anyway, why not make a couple of loads?
Svala Rut Birgisdóttir described conditions as butt-ass-cold,  plenty of snow on the ground, clear sky, -25°C at 10k and around 22 knots on the ground. The local Vikings laugh at that and got geared up.

After a whole lot of de-icing (hangar, airplane, gas pump) the plane was ready to fly. Jumpers Tryggvi Jónasson og Lárus Kazmi were on the first load to 5k and reported back such awesomeness that the rest of the group decided to go all the way up for the next one. Many layers of wool and windbreakers later and the first full altitude jump of the year was in the bag.

Enjoy the video and photos – and many thanks to Svala for sharing. Her name by the way, could sort of translate to Cool or Coolie – appropriate for an Icelandic jumper!

Backpack Helicopter: would you jump it?

This futuristic contraption is still in the concept stage, but inventor Tarek Ibrahim is hard at work on the prototype and expects first test flights in June, 2015.
The company sports a very minimalistic webpage and has just added a Facebook page  which contains a few more computer generated photos of the Backpack Helicopter. They promise to be able to take skydiver up to 10,000 feet for a jump, and have it as a mission to replace cars with flying machines.

Now the question is, think it will work?  And if so, would you jump it?

Photo courtesy of Backpack Helicopter's Facebook

Photo courtesy of Backpack Helicopter’s Facebook

If you are on Twitter, follow @BackpackHeli for updates.


Where do you find out about skydiving events?

As the kickoff to skydiving season for most of the US gets a bit closer, it’s time to start thinking about what events you want to hit this year.

Generally speaking, events at your home DZ are probably pretty easy to find. Posters around the drop zone, a calendar on the website, event pages on Facebook – chances are you’re probably in the loop about what is going on during the year.

But if you’re looking for an event outside of your home drop zone, where do you find that information?

There are so many epic events out there, and a lot of us really dig traveling, so how do you plan your skydiving trips? Where do you find the information you need? What kind of information are you looking for when you are seeking out an event?

Let us know in the comments, or shoot me an email.

Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with you guys somewhere out there this year. :)

Better than Coffee! Here’s to another 5 years.

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Many thanks to this intrepid subscriber, who 5 years ago took a deep breath, plunked down a ton of money (those international subscriptions don’t come cheap) and said “I think I’ll like this smutty little rag”.  Ok, ok, maybe he didn’t say that, but knowing this particular subscriber I really wouldn’t be surprised if he at least thought something along those lines.

Huge thanks to all of you that have supported us through the years – we are indeed subscription powered so we simply couldn’t do it without you. Have a great weekend everyone!