Where do you find out about skydiving events?

As the kickoff to skydiving season for most of the US gets a bit closer, it’s time to start thinking about what events you want to hit this year.

Generally speaking, events at your home DZ are probably pretty easy to find. Posters around the drop zone, a calendar on the website, event pages on Facebook – chances are you’re probably in the loop about what is going on during the year.

But if you’re looking for an event outside of your home drop zone, where do you find that information?

There are so many epic events out there, and a lot of us really dig traveling, so how do you plan your skydiving trips? Where do you find the information you need? What kind of information are you looking for when you are seeking out an event?

Let us know in the comments, or shoot me an email.

Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with you guys somewhere out there this year. :)

Better than Coffee! Here’s to another 5 years.

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Huge thanks to all of you that have supported us through the years – we are indeed subscription powered so we simply couldn’t do it without you. Have a great weekend everyone!



Are we parachutists again? Can it be?

Back in the day, it was all about the speed star. 4-way. Big ways. Then free flying came along and people started migrating over to “the dark side”. Then swooping caught on and eventually moved away from sketchy toggle-hooks over the beer line and into a permanent home on the pond.  A whole new generation of jumpers came up that elected to flat-out skip freefall(!) – and the professional canopy pilot was born. We were parachuting again, in a way.

As manufacturers keep on bringing out higher performance gear, capable of pushing the envelope even further, it seems as if if we are daring to enjoy the canopy portion of a skydive as much as the freefall. More and more skydivers have started to flirt with paragliding.  Some stick with the traditional, but other move right on its latest offshoot – speed flying (speed riding/ground launching). And then, there is Acro. If you are into dizzy dizzy whoosh whoosh, that might just be the sport for you.

Enough talking – let’s watch this short video on speed flying from the 2014 King of Speed.

If you want more, here is also a happy chap that has just gotten into acro. He seems to owe beer, although he’s probably ignorant of that outstanding rule.

Want to become a Canopy Piloting Judge?

Our sport is not all secret handshakes and high-fives in the airplane, it has a competitive side too!
The free fall disciplines are normally scored by judges sitting in front of a monitor, using video from the jump, but in Canopy Piloting judging for the most part happens live, on the ground, scored by a team of judges. The number of judges needed on the course varies a little bit from one event to another, but it certainly takes a team to get a swoop meet scored quickly and accurately.

JoJo B has served as a Chief Judge at many swoop meets in the recent years, putting in untold hours in and around the pond. She is organizing several courses over the coming season, anyone interested in getting their Regional CP Judge Rating should attend. Courses will be held at each FLCPA meet and the first NECPL as well. According to JoJo, CP Judges get the best seats in the house, and if you are interested in competing – there isn’t a better way to learn all the rules than to be a judge.

Judging is a fantastic way to be a part of the Canopy Piloting community if you are either not yet at competition level or don’t want to actually compete. You get detailed knowledge of all of the rules and get front row seats for some of the most amazing scenes you can see in skydiving. Plus you get to meet some amazing characters along the way. No experience is necessary either in judging or in swooping. You don’t even need to be a skydiver to judge. If you’re interested in exploring another aspect of skydiving, learning more about canopy piloting, or just meeting some really cool people, come out and judge!


The course is FREE – you just have to put in a little bit of work to enjoy the rating.  For more information or to secure your seat at one of the courses, email Jo at jo@flight-1.com.  Dates and locations:
FLCPA #1 Skydive City Z-Hills February 21-22 
FLCPA #2 Skydive City Z-Hills March 14-15
FLCPA #3 Raeford Parachute Center May 16-17
FLCPA #4 Raeford Parachute Center June 12-13
NECPL #1 Crosskeys NJ July 11-12

i61: January 2015

The first issue of 2015 is out!

If you are not a current subscriber, you can change that right here, right now. You can also buy copies of this issue without a subscription!

Please give it until February 1 for the postal service to get your mag to you. If you still don’t have it by then, let us know by emailing Kolla at kolla@blueskiemag.com and she’ll get you sorted.

Blue Skies Magazine issue #61: January 2015 | blueskiesmag.com

i61: January 2015 | Belgian FS team NMP Pch HayaBusa during the recent Dubai International Parachuting Championship. Photo by Bruno Brokken www.brunobrokken.com

On the Cover

Moe blows bubbles and Bruno photographs a photographer.

Featured Photo

We’ll just let the caption speak for itself. “The gentlemen of Bay Area Skydiving geared up for a load on the annual Speedo Day. • Photo by Jessie Brownlow”

The FlyBy

  • Reader Question: What’s your jumping weather window?
  • Comic Relief: Take It DZ by Nadene Beyerbachadventurecreative.ca
  • Best Maps Ever. Former tunnel god Derek Percoski is a cartographer. Who knew? bestmapsever.com
  • Miracle 11’s Continuing Miracles by Mike Robinson

    Read the full story online at blueskiesmag.com.

Ridiculous Maneuvers: An Interview by Missy Keough

Ridiculous fun, more like.

Early on you could tell that these guys were badass. I liked their commitment, discipline and tenacity. So I casually said, ‘You guys need a cameraman?’ They said yes so fast I had to duck! Were they desperate or did they just have a keen eye for talent? I like to think they chose the latter.

New Days at Skydive Taft by Christopher Rosenfelt

One step at a time and are doing it 100 percent organically, so it will take time. Long term we want to build a healthy, sustainable business that is an awesome place to be and hang out, whether in the air or on the ground.

Bridge Day ’14: A Photo Essay by David Cherry

Centerfold by Randy Swallows

Blue Skies Magazine issue #61 | Centerfold by Randy Swallows | blueskiesmag.com

Heroes of Skydiving builds the base of their 100-way sequentials over Skydive Lake Wales. Photo by Randy Swallows randyswallows.com

Download Wallpaper (1600 x 1200)

Get the Shot by Tony Hathaway

I always think of using the camera settings to control the background lighting, and the flash to control the foreground lighting.

Full reprint coming soon!

Super Sky Sleuth

Gotta find them all!

Tunnel Got You Stiff? by Emma Tranter

So, if you stretch and strengthen your legs you will access more freedom in your back.

Full reprint coming soon!

SkyCouples: Montana & Mario by Eli Godwin

We got set up through a good friend of mine, Dan BC, who set me up as her playercoach. Best blind date I ever had!

Full reprint coming soon!

Pivot! by Sydney Owen Williams

With the help of some of my more seasoned friends, I want to talk to you about the pivot point. The idea that if you set a good foundation from the getgo, you’ll have a much better chance at success throughout your career in the sky.

Full reprint coming soon!

New Music in Dubai by Kurt Gaebel, NSL

It was a great start for Canada into the musical part of international formation-skydiving competitions, and it may not be the last time that “O Canada” is played.

Read the full article online at skyleague.com.

Viewer Mail by the Fuckin’ Pilot

Until pilots actually stand up for themselves and demand the treatment they deserve for all the training they’ve suffered through and responsibility they are given, they’re gonna get fucked.

Full reprint coming soon!

If You Want to Make Money … Stop Worrying about Money by James La Barrie

Everyone needs to dream, but focusing exclusively on
money can be a creativity and passion killer (the two elements needed for massive success).

Full reprint coming soon!

The Bigger Pursuit by Melanie Curtis

Who were you before you went skydiving?
Who are you now?

Full reprint coming soon!

Dear SkyGod

Seems like if you’re not flying a brightly colored G3 with hipster glasses and an elasticated wristband alti under your fucking armpit you aren’t cool enough to skydive with.

Full reprint coming soon!


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