Print Ad Rates

Size 1-10x 11x*
BW Color BW Color
2-Page N/A

$1,875.00 Add to cart

N/A $1,615
Back Cover N/A

$1,145.00 Add to cart

N/A $985
1-Page N/A

$1,045.00 Add to cart

N/A $895
23-Page N/A

$885.00 Add to cart

N/A $795
12-Page N/A

$745.00 Add to cart

N/A $675

$295.00 Add to cart

$535.00 Add to cart

$275 $495

$195.00 Add to cart

$290.00 Add to cart

$155 $245

$49.00 Add to cart

$65.00 Add to cart

$45 $49

*11x rate will be applied as a discount upon 11th insertion in 12-month period.
All color rates include full bleed.
Add 10% for special placement (covers, right- or left-hand page, etc.).

Rates and Sizes

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Uh, bleed??? I thought this was an ad, not Game of Thrones.

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What’s my deadline for the next issue? When should I send you my ad? Our production calendar is online as a google calendar (LINK) or you can download a copy here.

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Insertion Form

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