Blue Skies Magazine is the independent voice of air sports.

Our only agenda is to make you want to get out and enjoy the blue skies. We publish a nearly monthly (11 issues/year) print magazine that covers skydiving, BASE jumping, paragliding — not to mention the totally unrelated stuff people who do those sports might be interested in.
Photo of Roberta Mancino over Skydive Dubai by Noah Bahnson

What We Do

Publish a Magazine

Blue Skies Magazine is printed 11 times a year, with one combined issue. It is supported by advertising and is available on a subscription basis anywhere in the world.

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Talk to You

We have pretty damn lively communities on facebook, twitter and google+ with discussions, feedback, fun links, photos and everything good about social media.

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Help a Brother Out

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask us! We can probably tell you — or find someone who can — who the friendliest load organizer at Skydive XYZ is, what hours the PD factory tours run, or how to get in touch with that special someone (or case of beer).

Get some help

Grow Yo Biz

We have a combined 20 years of experience working in nearly every aspect of the skydiving industry, from working on the DZ to marketing for manufacturers, from being on staff at USPA to organizing the Skydive Expo. To here! We love sharing what we’ve learned.

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Support Jumpers

We like to keep it in the family. If you’re a skydiver, BASE jumper, paraglider, whatever, and need help with something cool you’re doing, let us know. We can help get the word out about your charity jump, boogie fundraiser or call for help.

Do Good

Enjoy Life

This started out as a way to fill a sixth ‘what we do’ but it’s actually why we’re here and not in cubicles filing TPS reports. We believe in having fun with life and everything we do serves that goal. Stop by our office and enjoy life with us via cookies and coffee.

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Who We Are

Kolla Kolbeinsdottir


Kolla herds the advertising and subscribing cats.

Lara Kjeldsen


Lara edits the magazine and does the website stuff.

Pierre Kotze

Graphic Design

Pierre picks the photos and makes the magazine look pretty.

Volunteer Contributors

Melanie Curtis

Life Coach

Mel is a professional skydiving and life coach. She writes a monthly column with tips on how to manage stress, life, love, relationships, 4-way teams and more!

Kurt Gaebel

Turning Points

Founder of the National Skydiving League (NSL), Kurt has brought 4-way formation skydiving into more people’s minds and hearts than probably anyone.
National Skydiving League

Dean 'Princess' Ricci

The Fuckin' Pilot

Pilot (4,500 hours incl. 4,300 flying jumpers), TI (8,000+ jumps) & man whore (stats unknown), there’s no subject Dean doesn’t have an opinion or story for.
The Fuckin’ Pilot

Sydney Owen Williams

Tales of a Former N00b

Sydney Owen Williams is obsessed with putting on the best events in the whole wide world. Current unicorn lover, former N00b, she knows what you’re going through and she’s here to help.
Planet Green Socks

James La Barrie

DZ Marketing

Originally from Antigua, James La Barrie managed Skydive Carolina for nine years, increasing revenues there between 15-30%. In 2012, he left Skydive Carolina to launch Beyond Marketing and travel the U.S. consulting skydiving and non-skydiving clients on culture, service and marketing.
Beyond Marketing


Ask SkyGod

Listen to the silence. And when the silence is deafening, you’re in the center of your own universe. When you get lost in your imaginatory vagueness, your foresight will become a nimble vagrant.
Ask SkyGod

BASE Contributors

Chris 'Douggs' MacDougall

BASE hero

One of the most widely respected, balls-out, living-the-dream BASE jumpers in the world, Douggs has guided readers through living life like a scumbag, and been referenced in nearly every BASE article we’ve printed.
BASE Dreams

Moe Viletto

BASE legend

Moe Viletto is the owner of Tailored For Survival, a specialty sewing and design company for life-support systems. He bought a parachute after his first jump in 1971, started to pioneer BASE equipment and jumping in the early 1980s, and has been working in the parachute industry full-time ever since. Catch his stories on Skydive Radio.
Moe’s articles

Annette O'Neil

World Traveler

Annette travels the world BASE jumping and writes about it with a lyrical femininity that shows how beautiful BASE — and the world — can be.
Clever Ginger Creative

Cynthia Lynn Guzman

Cynthia Lynn Chronicles

Cynthia has goes deep inside the BASE world to bring us interviews with the superstars previously thought unreachable except by Swiss cable car.
The Cynthia Lynn Chronicles