Photo Interview: Nancy Koreen

Once again, I have to confirm that life doesn’t suck. I recently found myself in the company of one of the coolest people around, and somehow persuaded her to participate in an interview to share with all of you. As you may remember, the idea of these interviews is to introduce you to some of the most badass people in our sport, but not completely focus on the sport itself. Of course, we will talk a little about getting our knees in the breeze, but we will also try to get a feel for who they are in the real world when not wearing their awesome pantz. We take a shot at that over a little wine or whiskey, some photos and a quick interview. This round, I’d like to introduce you to someone with the best “work remote” corporate job in the world, and one of the most humble rock stars in the sky. Readers of Blue Skies Magazine, I hope you guys will enjoy getting to know Miss Nancy Koreen as much as I did.