Photo Interview: JoyRiders

Sometimes my camera and I end up in pretty cool situations. Situations that some skydivers dream about. You see, there are eight beautiful, badass girls from all over the world on one skydiving/wind tunnel/BASE/wingsuit team, and a few months ago I had the opportunity to take pictures of four of those girls in a makeshift photo studio in a hotel room on 6th Street in Austin, Texas. There were lots of smiles, laughs and a healthy amount of whiskey that evening. In case you were wondering, that night didn’t suck. A short time after the shoot, the ladies were kind enough to fill out a short email interview for me to share with all of you folks out there in Blue Skies Magazine Land. So here you go, the first 4-person and email-driven photo interview of Domi, Amy, Anna and Sharon from the JoyRiders.