Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog, these skydivers can dance. Off.

Melanie Curtis Grillet,, and Jorge Alonso started it with one at Skydive Carolina. As if there’s any other way for these things to start.


… by Carolina Skydiving* …

… by GO Skydive …

… and by Nouvel Air …

… Chicagoland Skydiving Center …

… Jumptown …

… Verona Skydiving Center …

… YOU? …

2 July 2014 update! * Carolina Skydiving was the first to respond, and the only one I left out of the original post! 

2 July: Skydive New England not only accepts the Drop Zone Dance Off challenge but asks, “Can you touch this?”

5 July: A 4th of July accepted challenge from Sky’s the Limit:

8 July: Team Control Tower, while not *technically* a drop zone, accepts the challenge with Control Tower Drop Zone Dance Off: Swooper Edition! Filmed at Parachutisme Nouvel Air.:

10 July: Skydive Arizona and their pool:

16 July: Performance Designs accepts:

21 July: Skydive Fargo, home of the mustache ride, accepts:

24 July: Maple Bacon Beaver Jumpers and their MBBJ girls:

4 August: Skydive Bad Lippspringe all the way from Germany:

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8 thoughts on “Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog, these skydivers can dance. Off.

    • I’m going to have to cast my vote for New England…although PD was entertaining…they didn’t have a giant friar cock, er, frock. :D

  1. I think Eloy is doing one this coming weekend.. if the Germans are up for one, I’ll lead one there during the Rapa boogie, yeah! And then at Cross Keys SIS Aug 9-10. Yup, it’s on. Or rather, continuing to be on.

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