Moving in!

After over a year working out of home based offices (at times we had 3 different desks in 3 different states!), the time has come for Blue Skies Magazine to step it up to a proper brick and mortar OFFICE.
The details will be announced after we formally sign the lease, get the keys and bum the furniture, but our little unit has for many years faithfully served various skydiving ventures.  I’ll give you a little hint – it is located in DeLand and just a stones throw from the dropzone and the many skydiving manufacturers in the area. And our landlord is fearsome!

After we get desks, some chairs, Swingline staplers, coffee pot and a fridge for the beer (basic necessities) we plan on decorating and organizing.  This will involve some tiki lights and definitely a trip to IKEA.  We also have our hearts set on getting one of those cool wall-sticker-decal-thingie for the entryway (cheesy samples here).

We want it to be a quote.
We want it to be inspiring, funny, witty and relate to flight, the sky; that feeling that keeps bringing us back to the dropzone and into the air.
And snazzy.
And not too long, because they charge per word to make it.

So this is where we need your help, because we can’t come up with anything that momentous ourselves. Come up with a saying yourself or bum it from someone else, quote your favorite instructor or rigger, find it on the internet or in a book – we don’t care where it comes from, just bring us the perfect quote!  Oh and remember to note who you are quoting. Even if it’s good old Anonymous.
Submit your idea in the comments section, on Facebook or drop us a line via e-mail with your suggestions.

If we pick your idea, you’ll get a pat on the back and quite possibly a totally cool Blue Skies Magazine sticker in the mail… ohh yeah… how’s that for motivation?!  Plus, the next time you visit the Blue Skies Mag OFFICE, you get to point to the wall and say “yeah, that one is all me.  ALL ME.”.

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